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Our customers love their monthly surprise!

Receive a monthly delivery of up to 10 wholefood health products and samples, approved by our nutritionists and personalised for your dietary requirements.

The GoodnessMe Real Food Code

Thanks to our team of trusty nutritionists, we seek products that are all natural, GMO-Free and clear of nasties like artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours, food additives, synthetic trans fats, MSG and HFCS. We say no to many products, so you can be sure that you’re fuelling your body with the best of the best!


Food with Integrity

Together with our trusty nutritionists, we sift through thousands of the latest products on Australian shelves and put them through our super-strict GoodnessMe Real Food Code. If it doesn’t meet our criteria, you won’t find it here! That means nothing artificial and only real ingredients.


Malissa Fedele, Nutritionist


Shelley McKenzie, Nutritionist


Shahna Sarpi, Nutritionist


+   When will my box arrive?

We send out box deliveries twice a month, on the first week of each month and around the 18th of each month. You need to place your order by the 25th of the month prior, in order to fall into the delivery in the first week of the month.

Once your first box is on its way we reset your subscription so that all other boxes will be sent out on the first week of each month.

+   Can I select more than one dietary preference?

We offer one dietary preference selection and our current options are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan or Gluten & Dairy Free. Due to the nature of the products we select, you will find that the majority of our products meet all three of those dietary preferences.

+   Can I try just one box?

GoodnessMe boxes are only available as part of a subscription. If you’d like to try just one box, we recommend a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time. We just need 2 days notice prior to your subscription renewing.

+   What is the GoodnessMe Box 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee?

We know you’ll love GoodnessMe Box as much as we do, which is why GoodnessMe Box has a 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (Satisfaction Guarantee). In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with at least one product in your first GoodnessMe Box, you can apply for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping & handling fee) under our Satisfaction Guarantee.

We Love Hearing What You Have To Say


When I realised gluten & dairy were not my friends, I really struggled with finding foods my belly loved and that actually tasted good. I still remember how excited I was to receive my first GoodnessMe Box. It's made my life easier!



Trying to teach my little one that it’s important to look after ourselves by what we eat and to move our bodies... it's why I love GoodnessMe!



New snacks every month is the best thing ever and this months GoodnessMe Box didn’t disappoint.

Maddie B


Fave part of the month is when GoodnessMe box hit it out of the park in the health snack department.



I love when this little pick me up arrives at my door each month! Such a great way to discover new, good for us brands and try things we may not usually see on our normal shop.⁣

Bec J


I love eating GoodnesMe's snacks in bed while watching a video if I get hungry late at night. But they are also super handy to take to work so you're prepared with something nourishing.


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