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Brittany Darling

Brittany Darling
Brittany Darling

Brittany Darling

Wholefood Healing

Brittany is a Clinical Accredited Nutritionist (BHsc Nut) and Western Herbalist (Adv Dip WHM) with 8+ years experience and is a mum of 2. She has a special interest in the areas of paediatric nutrition (Cert Paediatric Nutrition : Monash), preconception care and IVF support, pregnancy and post natal nutrition. She is the author of “A Holistic Guide to Preconception and Pregnancy” and “Starting Solids", both available online. Brittany believes in a whole food approach to nutrition and addresses misalignments with an holistic, evidence based and functional perspective. She is a keen researcher, keynote speaker and regular expert in the media. Brittany is based in Sydney Australia.

More about me:

ACNT, Endeavour and Deakin
Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine, Bachelor Health Science (nutritional medicine), Post Grad Cert Human Nutrition
Accredited with: ATMS


Fertility, Pediatric, Autoimmune, Herbal medicine
Or find me on instagram: @wholefoodhealing

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