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Hollie Kempton

Hollie Kempton
Hollie Kempton

Hollie Kempton

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Hollie Kempton Powered by Vegies Wollonong NSW Hollie is currently completing my Bachelors degree in Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine), she is an established health and nutrition coach, PDHPE teacher and cook book author. Hollie's mission is to empower people to bounce out of bed in the morning full of energy fuelled by whole foods. She specialises in helping people adopt a more plant focused diet. Her aim is to empower people to build positive relationships with health promoting foods. She works with clients to nourish their body not only with good food, but with an active lifestyle and exercise. Hollie works with client's to build the necessary skills to cook and prepare tasty and healthy meals using plant based products and flavours. Hollie says she wants her clients to invest in eating whole fresh foods most of the time and developing a mindset that food and a healthy lifestyle can be an expression of love towards your body.

More about me:

Health and Nutrition Coach
Endeavour College and Well College
Currently completing Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (University of Wollongong) Health and Nutrition Coach (Well College) Certificate III Fitness
Accredited with: ACSTH International Coach Federation


Weight Loss, General Health, Plant based nutrition
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