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Marina Vuckov

Marina Vuckov

Marina Vuckov

Marina Vuckov Nutrition

Marina is a bachelor-qualified Clinical Nutritionist who is immensely passionate about inspiring and empowering the modern woman to achieve her best health, through the power of food and a balanced lifestyle. She has over a decade of clinical experience in the health field, also being a qualified Physiotherapist. Through a holistic and evidence-based approach to health, she considers the whole person, including body, mind and lifestyle, rather than just the symptoms themselves. Each treatment is carefully considered and personalised to the individual. Marina believes in a whole-food, no restrictive diets approach and her areas of interest include digestive health, stress and anxiety, female hormones, fertility, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, as well as children’s health. In her personal life, she is a mum to two energetic young girls (there is never a dull moment!) and loves keeping active, inventing recipes, travel and going out for a good breakfast!

More about me:

I have 6 weeks until I graduate as a clinical nutritionist (Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine)
Endeavour College of Natural Health (Adelaide)
Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine. I also have a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons).
Accredited with: ANTA - Student membership currently, will apply for Practitioner membership once final results are released (April 2021)


Fertility, Gut Health, Sports, Pediatric, Mental health, Allergies and Intolerances, Autoimmune, General Health, pragnancy, post-natal health, perimenopause, plant-based eating
Or find me on instagram: @marinavuckov_nutrition

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