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Michelle Keaughran

Michelle Keaughran

Michelle Keaughran

Body Balancing Nutrition

Michelle is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, with experience in women’s health and weight management. As a coeliac, Michelle will also commonly consult with other fellow coeliacs and those with IBS. Michelle is passionate about empowering her clients to find balance with their lifestyle and gets a real buzz out of watching her client’s attitude towards food change and relax over time. In 2020, Michelle created her Instagram @girlsgottaeat_nutrition. Her vision for this IG was to create a fun and informative page that she would want to follow as a young woman.

More about me:

Curtin University
Master of Dietetics
Accredited with: Dietitians Australia


Weight Loss, Fertility, Sports, General Health, Pregnancy, PCOS, endometriosis
Or find me on instagram: @girlsgottaeat_nutrition

Contact me:

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