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Sarah Fehlberg

Sarah Fehlberg
Sarah Fehlberg

Sarah Fehlberg

Sarah Fehlberg Naturopathy

our one stop sport nutrition and health solutions shop for the weekend warrior to the endurance athlete. Sarah has been a Personal Trainer for 20 years, after working one on one with clients for a long time, she realised there was a gap between their movement output and proper nutrition guidance in order to achieve client specific goals. With the long list of fad diets clients were being put on or putting themselves on - she had had enough and wanted to educate and inspire her clients to reach their full potential not just in a gym setting, but for life. She went on to learn more about how she can help clients with their whole health picture. ​ Studying a degree in Health Science Sarah now has the ability to take her clients to another level of health offering Nutrition and Natural Medicine.​​ Sarah teaches you the importance of food as medicine and understands a range of tools are needed to guide you in order to be able to truly thrive. Sarah offers a no bull-shit approach giving you practical, down-to-earth advice without the fluff, so you can get on with living your life.

More about me:

Naturopath, Nutritionist, personal trainer
Endeavour College
Bachelor of Health Science
Accredited with: Nhaa


Gut Health, Sports, Pediatric, Herbal medicine, Nutrition Research, General Health, Post Partum, Menopause, Anxiety, Sleep, Babies and toddlers, Gut health
Or find me on instagram: @sarahfehlbergnaturopath

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