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Nina Kingsford-Smith

Nina Kingsford-Smith
Nina Kingsford-Smith

Nina Kingsford-Smith

Healthy Happenings with Nina Kingsford-Smith 

Nina Kingsford-Smith (BHSc NutDMed) is a non-diet nutritionist, which means she’s focused on helping you discover and maintain a healthy relationship with food. Nina believes it’s not just what you eat, but your thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food that matter most. Her passion lays helping you navigate the often confusing and overwhelming world of nutrition to help you form a truly happy and healthy relationship with food. Nina has a special interest around disordered eating, looking at your relationship with food and working with you to find your happy place with food, your body and yourself. This includes: • Disordered eating patterns and habits • Co-existing health concerns – including digestive woes, mental wellbeing and hormonal imbalances • Navigating the world of nutrition and ‘healthy eating’ • Looking beyond simply just what you eat

More about me:

Endeavour College of Natural Health
BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine
Accredited with: ATMS


Non-diet approach, HAES, eating disorders / disordered eating (e.g. binge eating and orthorexia), mental health, gut health, food and nutrition education.
Or find me on Instagram: @healthyhappeningswithnina

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