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Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell Health Coaching

I'm a qualified nurse, university trained nutritionist, and diabetes educator, with over 12 years’ experience in health care. My passion is disease prevention and health promotion with a focus on holistic health to assist in weight loss, reduce inflammation, sports nutrition and improving your relationship with food. Working with means we will focus on nutrition, reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing energy, disease prevention and weight loss support. My passion for nutrition and health promotion was ignited on my own journey to improve my own health. Being a nurse, I had seen first-hand the effect that poor health has on the people I've cared for, and their loved ones. Still, I thought ‘that won't happen to me’ but it did. My health was at an all time low and I knew I had to do something about it. I went on a journey to improve my health and wellbeing with my own coaching techniques that are proven to work. Investing in your health is priceless and Rebecca Campbell Health Coaching offers a range of options to support you to reach your health goals with an enjoyable and sustainable approach.

More about me:

Deakin University and UniSA
Bachelor of Nursing. Graduate Diploma of Diabetes Education. Graduate Diploma Human Nutrition, Master of Human Nutrition
Accredited with: Nutrition Society of Australia


Weight Loss, Cardiovascular health, Public Health and/or Public Policy, General Health, Diabetes
Or find me on instagram: @rebeccacampbell_healthcoaching

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