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Sarah Rock

Sarah Rock

Sarah Rock

Health by Instinct

Sarah is a Clinical Nutritionist who believes that your body knows best. In support of this belief Sarah works to educate her clients on their body signals so they can develop healthy eating patterns that allow them to thrive. She utilises a holistic health approach to discover the root cause of her clients concerns and applies evidence-based research to support their return to health. Sarah has a special interest in supporting mental, gastrointestinal, children’s health and autoimmune conditions through simple dietary changes. She has seen first-hand how crucial our diet is to our health status and has worked with many clients to improve theirs with a non-diet approach to health promotion. Sarah offers chronic disease support and health promotion programs for couples, families, children, and individuals with each program tailored to the specific dietary and lifestyle needs of the client. Her programs may include one-on-one nutrition consults, cooking classes, shopping tours and pantry setup depending on the client’s needs. Sarah is passionate about education and runs group education sessions on how dietary changes can support and manage a variety of health conditions. She also runs group cooking demonstrations to show simple and delicious ways to promote health through diet.

More about me:

Endeavour College of Natural Health
Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine)
Accredited with: ANTA


Gut Health, Pediatric, Mental health, Autoimmune, General Health
Or find me on instagram: @healthbyinstinct

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