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Shanya Soussan

Shanya Soussan
Shanya Soussan

Shanya Soussan

Convenient Nutrition

Shanya is a university qualified nutritionist with Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition. She has a particular focus on educating clients on the ease and accessibility of a healthy eating pattern. Her recipes target nutrients that support the body during times of stress. Her online nutrition program steers away from the traditional, rigid meal plan approach, and focuses more on educating clients on how to organise and adapt meals into their busy schedule. Registered with the Nutrition Society of Australia, she has a keen interest in supporting those working within the high-stress veterinary industry, as she has also been a qualified veterinary nurse for almost 15 years. Her aim is to improve health and wellbeing amongst veterinary staff.

More about me:

University of Melbourne and Deakin University
Bachelor of Science and Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition
Accredited with: Nutrition Society of Australia


General Health, Nutrition to support the wellbeing of veterinary staff
Or find me on instagram: the_convenient_nutritionist

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