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Shelley Judge

Shelley Judge
Shelley Judge

Shelley Judge

Shelley's Good Eats

Shelley Judge Aka the Cool Aunt of Kids Nutrition is a food and fun lovely nutritionist who founded Shelley's Good Eats to help parents navigate the world of feeding their kids (without the stress). She is committed to improving the health and well being of kids by helping them build a healthy relationship with food free of diet culture. Shelley works online to educate, encourage and support parents to improve mealtimes, remove restriction and grow healthy relationship with food for themselves and their children. She develops delicious recipes that the whole family will love, runs online workshops, and creates resources to help you on your journey to help you feed your kids with ease.

More about me:

Public Health Kids Nutritionist
University of Queensland
Bachelor of Science Majoring in Food science and Nutrition, Masters of Public Health Nutrition
Accredited with: PHAA


Pediatric, Public Health and/or Public Policy
Or find me on instagram: @shelleysgoodeats

Contact me:

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