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10 Ways to Reuse the GMB Box

Once you’ve rummaged through your GMB box, don’t toss it away - turn it into something useful! Upcycling is cool, so here are 10 ways to repurpose that nifty cardboard box...


#1 Recipe box

There’s something so nostalgic about flipping through a recipe box until you find a dish you want to whip up. Whether you write recipe cards or source your recipes from the GMB welcome note, magazines, cookbooks and blogs, you can use your GMB box to keep them organised. So, when you’re ready to cook, all your go-to recipes are at your fingertips.

Pro tip: Get the kids to decorate your recipe box with cooking-related stickers or drawings.


#2 Spice box

From cinnamon and nutmeg to turmeric and ginger, spices are an easy way to add flavour and depth to your meals. As your spice collection grows, store your sweet and savoury favourites in your GMB box. You could even go one step further and add cardboard dividers!

#3 Photo box

If you’re a sucker for printed photos, you could turn your GMB box into photo storage. Whenever you feel like a trip down memory lane, just pull out the box and flick through your favourite snaps.

#4 Ideas box

Do you know how some businesses have suggestion boxes on their front counters? It’s adorably old-school - and you can bring that concept to your home. Let’s say your family is planning a holiday in a few months’ time. Get everyone to pop their destination ideas into the box, and then choose the best one. The same goes for Kris Kringle!

Pro tip: If you’re a teacher, you could also pop the box in the classroom so the kids have a place to ask anonymous questions or flag issues.

#5 Stationery box

Stationery is addictive! Once you start collecting beautiful paper, pens and note cards, it’s hard to stop. For easy access to all your stationery, store it in your GMB box. This will be a godsend when you need a birthday card for the party you’re going to that day! 

#6 Tea box

Green, black, peppermint, chai, chamomile and ginger… If you sip your way through a rainbow array of teas, you’re not alone! At the GMB office, we collect all kinds of teas - and we keep them in our past boxes. It’s so lovely to see them stacked up in our kitchen, knowing they’re filled with a bunch of beautiful brews.

#7 Arts and craft box

Between paint, crayons, glue and glitter, an arts and crafts stash can easily get out of control. That’s why we like to pop all our little ones’ art supplies into a GMB box. That way, they’re in easy reach whenever the kids are in the mood to get messy - and tucked away when they’re not!

#8 Use the box as part of a play kitchen

This one’s inspired by one of our favourite mamas, @just_a_melbourne_mummy! She repurposed her GMB box as a microwave for her kids’ play kitchen. It’s thrifty and cute and gives the box a whole new lease on life.

GoodnessMe Box Reuse

Image: @ just_a_melbourne_mummy

Pro tip: You could also do what @thisgirlthatlifestyle does and use your box to easily prop things up! 

GoodnessMe Box Reuse

Image: @thisgirlthatlifestyle

#9 Storage box

You could have the most clutter-free house in the world, but you’re always going to have those knick-knacks that don’t quite belong anywhere. Enter: your GMB box. Turn it into a storage box for all those miscellaneous items that you don’t need to see or use on a daily basis.  

#10 Treats box

Last but not least, you could stick with the original use of your GMB box - which is to store treats! Whenever you’re in the mood to treat yourself, you'll know exactly where to go!


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