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Here's why you should start eating insects

The health world has come up with some weird and wonderful ideas over the years, and the latest – cricket protein – is right up there on the strange scale. But after doing some investigating about the benefits, we’re officially on the bug-eating bandwagon. And if you’re after a protein powder that’s not only good for you, but also the environment and your wallet, you might want to join us.
So, let’s talk about why bug protein has the health scene buzzing (pun intended)!

Um, edible insects?

Yep – believe it or not, there are thousands of edible insect species on the planet, and they tick many nutritional boxes. While bugs contain fibre, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, they’re best known as a rich source of protein. In fact, some bugs are up to 70 per cent protein, which is more than the ratio you’ll find in typical protein sources like eggs, meat and poultry. Impressive, huh?

Nutrition aside, eating insects is environmentally-friendly and economical. They’re sustainable, simply because they require far less water, feed and land than livestock do to produce the same kind of protein. This cuts down on cultivating costs, meaning that bugs are a cheaper option for consumers – like you!

So, what bugs should you eat?

That’s easy: crickets. They’re the gem of the bug world, and for good reason. Crickets have 3 times more protein than beef and 2.2 times more iron than spinach. The health benefits of crickets don’t stop there: they also contain just as much calcium as milk (yes, really!), and a whopping 10 times more vitamin B12 than salmon.

If you lead a paleo lifestyle, bugs are an excellent option – since they’re so easy to harvest, they’re a true paleo protein. The cavemen were definitely on to something there! However, we do understand that eating bugs – even in powder or flour form – may not sit right with everyone. For example, it may make vegans uncomfortable. It’s a personal call.

… and how should you eat them?

Now, there’s no need to start digging in the dirt (phew). Thanks to the growing popularity of bugs-as-food, there are a few forward-thinking companies making edible insect powders, flours and protein bars. In other words, get your bugs from a reputable source, and like with any dietary change, start small. If you’re willing to give bugs a try, slowly introduce them into your diet and assess how you feel.

Here at GMB, we’ve been trying different bug protein powders. They’re a clean, lean and fast source of protein – all things our health-conscious customers are looking for. Our pick is Grilo Protein’s Go Greensect. It’s a 100% natural superfood blend that delivers 7.1g of protein per serve while detoxifying the body and boosting energy levels. It’s also free from GMO and sugar, so it gets our tick of approval. Add a scoop to your smoothies and juices, then take it from there. Let us know how you go!

Did you know about the benefits of bug protein? Are you keen to try it?

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