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My Day on a Plate: Nadia Felsch

Nadia Felsch is a Sydney wholefoods recipe developer, health blogger, magazine columnist and final year nutrition student (BHSc). Her work has featured in a number of publications including Mind Body Green, Women’s Fitness and the Huffington Post.

At the end of 2016, Nadia and her husband launched their fast-beloved range of healthy baking mixes – Wholefood Society – that bring convenience, taste and health all together in one gorgeous package! Helping busy women eat 100% real food faster and easier, and without any special skills or equipment –just delicious real food. We absolutely love Nadia's products and food philosophy so we sat down with her to find out more about her daily routine.

Nadia's day on a plate...

First Thing

After drinking a glass of water, this time is all about enjoying life with our puppies – Avocado and Toast – who we feed and walk first thing around 545am. It’s a great way to start the day! I’ll usually grab a soy latte from my local café at this time as well and enjoy it in the morning sun.


Unless I’m at university, I eat breakfast anywhere from 530 -1030am and the only driving factor is my actual appetite. Sometimes breakfast become brunch and noticing my appetite like this is a learned behaviour I’ve encouraged and learnt to listen to over the years and now very much enjoy. Especially as a past-dieter and calorie-counter, it’s life changing to not feel hemmed into an eating time or obsessed by what I eat. Breakfast alternates depending on what I feel like though is either porridge, bircher muesli with fresh fruit or eggs, avocado and tomato on our Wholefood Society toasted Nut & Seed loaf. Breakfast is all about filling and fueling up with all the macronutrients and very crucially enough quality fats and fibre to keep me satisfied and nourished for hours to come.


I’m not a huge snacker and will only tend to eat a morning snack around 10am if I’ve eaten a really early breakfast and am burning through all those brain cells at university. This snack is most frequently a homemade bliss ball with nuts, seeds and dates as the main ingredients. I don’t usually snack in the afternoon at all – other than the odd chai tea – as I don’t feel I need it. Plus I like to exercise in the afternoons on an empty stomach and eat an early-ish dinner.


I’m usually at work or university for lunchtime and will have a brought a large combo of goodness from home to enjoy anywhere from 1130am – 2pm. There’s a fairly predictable pattern rotating what we’ve prepped at home that week that travels well and tastes good the next day. It’s a seriously delicious salad bowl that is so much more than the average salad and provides more serves of antioxidants via fruit and veg + satisfying fats and proteins to keep me sailing on through a busy day. This commonly looks like a green base such as watercress or baby spinach, fresh tomato, radish onion, cabbage, cucumber and loads of fresh herbs alongside a baked vegetable option such as sweet potato, a grain such asbrown rice, quinoa or buckwheat, avocado, toasted nuts and seeds for crunch and topped with whatever protein I’ve got going – lentils, falafels, boiled eggs, grilled chicken or fetta, are all regular inclusions. I also like to make a giant herbal tea – chamomile, lemon myrtle and peppermint are faves – after lunch to sip on.


This is me time. It’s relaxation, stress-relief and exercise all in one and I rarely miss a day. It could be walking in the sun to a heated power vinyasa class, a HIIT session or a strength training workout at the gym.

Then there’s a little more work or study and puppy time before preparing dinner. Although I carry my water bottle everywhere, and drink from it all day, I look to replenish fluids within 30 minutes of my workouts each day as best I can.


My incredible husband and I enjoy getting in the kitchen together and preparing our dinner. This looks different than a lot of households in that we’re really just adding things to bowls! We prep the basics, such as muesli, boiled eggs and baked vegetables 1-2 times/week and use these for most meals throughout the week. This way we spend our time more efficiently and always have yummy food to rely on after a day that doesn’t quite go to plan –we all have those! We tend to eat anywhere from 5-7pm and it’s all about what we feel like eating and when. Our dinners range from mushroom frittata, spaghetti bolognaise, rice paper rolls to cauliflower fried rice, grilled chicken salad, poke-style bowls with tuna or my famous sweet potato nachos (recipe below).


Depending on what we’ve eaten throughout the day, we might make chocolate nice-cream with frozen bananas, cacao powder, almond butter and almond milk or chocolate-coated fruit (below). Other times it may just be a peppermint tea and relaxing. This time is sacred and short as I like to be in bed around 9pm with my Kindle and read before sleeping – one of the most important and underrated parts of our health and wellbeing. During dinner prep, we prepare our lunch for the next day and can then enjoy reclining on the couch with Netflix, each other and the pups before bed.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Nachos

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Recipe: Chocolate-Dipped Fruit Bites

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To find more delicious recipes and Nadia’s Wholefood Society online program where both these recipes come from, visit her Website | Facebook | Instagram

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