My Day On A Plate: Genevieve from @friendswithsalad

My name is Genevieve Tyrrell, and I am the creator and author of Friendswithsalad Instagram and blog. Friendswithsalad came about after my friends constantly commented on my “healthy” obsession with salad. They often would tease me saying, “you don’t make friends with salad” but I suppose I wanted to prove them wrong.

I am a Secondary Visual Arts teacher by day, which explains my love for food photography. I see a lot of poor habits in children’s diets and believe that instagram and blogs are a great way to promote healthy food and lifestyle choices.

I believe eating well should be fun, including fruit or vegetables into every meal is easy and that you can definitely make friendswithsalad. I love vibrant colours, a variety of ingredients and for my meal to look visually stunning before I eat it! I like to live a well balanced lifestyle and I believe that trying new things is essential to growth and development. I am not a typical health nut, I don’t believe in FAD diets or extreme changes. I just believe that health should be a lifestyle choice and that everything in moderation is the right way of life.



I usually wake up around 7am and head straight to the kitchen where for Breakfast I have either Rolled Oats with banana and berries or Avocado on toast with lemon or lime or chia seeds with strawberries and banana. The Nespresso coffee machine always makes an appearance as well as an iced latte. I rarely exercise in the morning, but have recently taken up a 6:30am Pilates Class with Sara Gray at Roman Pilates, Randwick, which proves how much I love her classes.


I usually have a piece of fruit, some freshly sliced cucumber or carrot and a cup of green tea.


Lunchtime comes around and a salad hits my plate with some form of protein – our salads range dramatically from week to week as we love trying new recipes! Our new favourite is our Vietnamese inspired salad featured on our blog! A M A Z I N G! We also love a chicken and avocado or thai beef salad.



Afternoon snack consists of some nuts or piece of dark chocolate and a cup of decaffeinated tea. I like to exercise in the afternoon. I either go for a run, do a Nike Training Centre workout, Yoga, or a Helen Mary Bowers Ballet Beautiful workout. I don’t love going to gyms but I do find it convenient in winter when exercising outside is near impossible. I also like to rely on online workouts, like Ballet beautiful, LuluLemon Gift of Yoga sessions and NTC (Nike Training Centre) app on my phone as they are easy to do inside and are free.


I like to eat early if possible and for dinner I always have some form of meat and vegetables. Whether it be steak and stir-fried greens or Roast lamb salad or Salmon and steamed vegetables.



For our sweet tooth we love to have a cup of mint tea (With milk – don’t knock it until you try it) with a small piece of dark chocolate. Its like eating dark mint chocolate without all the sugar that usually comes in the store bought products.


Our day is done. We like to get a fairly early night sleep if we are not blogging or busy doing our day-to-day house chores.


See more of Genevieve at her Instagram | Blog | Twitter

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