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My Day On A Plate:Model, Blogger & Journalist Penelope Quinn

We were lucky enough to meet with Journalist Extraordinaire, Blogger of ‘Darn Sexy Second Hand‘, and Plus size model Penelope Quinn. We love her philosophy on food and healthy eating and wanted to share with you her day on a plate!

Penelope is passionate about upcycling and loves to find creative solutions to transforming unloved junk into something useful and beautiful – whether it’s a something to wear, something to hang on the wall or give to a friend. She is also a mad vintage and pin up fan so when she’s not writing, crafting, sewing, creating or sifting through op shops and markets, you can usually find her at a classic car swap meet or rockabilly festival rocking her victory rolls with her pinup pals! Penelope’s ethos to living – be an angel 80% of the time, indulge in the other 20%!


My day always starts with smoothie. I’ve never been a breaky eater, so this is my way of getting something into my stomach while getting a few servings of fruit and vegies. It’s usually a spoonful of IsoWhey Protein Powder, a banana, blueberries, strawberries, kale or spinach, avocado, greek yogurt, soy milk and chia seeds, or whatever else I have. Oh and a very large coffee.


Is usually varied! I’ve learned to listen to what my body needs rather than what it wants. Usually it’s saying tuna sandwhich or Turkish wrap with chicken, lettuce, tomato, tabouleh and hummus or a boiled egg and wholegrain toast.


Last year I moved to Newtown, and my cooking utensils have been pretty much rendered useless thanks to King Street’s endless restaurants and eateries. It’s hard to justify making a mess of the kitchen when there’s an $8 vermicelli salad or sushi one block up the road! Newtown has some great vegetarian options – last year I started cutting meat down to three days a week and I feel great. If I’m not eating out, then I go for something simple like steak and veges, home made soup or a warm salad with haloumi.


Every week, I order a huge box of fruit and veges from Aussie Farmers Direct – I work from home so it’s great to have tomatoes, carrots, grapes, celery and apples to munch on whenever I feel hungry during the day. If it’s there, I’ll eat it.


I like to keep things varied and fun with exercise as I get very bored very easily! I love to run at least 3 times a week, and do a decent hike once a month. I do laps at the local swimming pool in summer, try to get to yoga three times a week and also do fire poi with a local fire twirling group. I’ve also started karate and next week I’m off to hula hoop classes, I can’t wait!


I’ve always had problems sleeping, so when insomnia hits, I put on a podcast such as How Stuff Works, Stuff You Missed In History Class, or The Nutrition Diva. So at least when I’m staring at the ceiling wide eyed I am educating myself!


I love eating healthily, but I can’t pretend that I’m any kind of gourmet chef! While cooking may not be my forte, I do enjoy making something for a gift. Something delicious prepared with love is always appreciated. For the past few years I’ve given this home made batch of infused vodka to friends and colleagues at Christmas and it’s a hit. Best of all, it’s super simple.


Infused Vodka

Prepare at least a week in advance, longer if you can.

What you’ll need:
  • 2 x glass bottles
  • 350 ml or more of vodka
  • 150 g Blueberries
  • A few sprigs of lavender.
  1. Poor of the vodka half into a clean, sanitized bottle.
  2. Add blueberries to each bottle, followed by a couple of sprigs of lavender. Don’t go overboard with the lavender, otherwise you’re vodka will taste like soap (yep speaking from experience!)
  3. Let sit for a week, shaking occasionally.
  4. Strain into jar or pretty vintage decanter. Put the strained blueberries in a small jar and top with a ribbon and doily. These can be used as Champagne toppers.
    You can use any ingredients you wish to infuse vodka, here are some suggestions below, but great creative and invent your own!
    Apple and cinnamon, Pear, mint and strawberry, Boysenberry, Chai Spice vodka, Cranberry lime, Coconut vodka, Chilli vodka, Dark chocolate and clove vodka.

You can find out more about Penelope & some quirky DIY/Lifestyle tips here

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