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Ally Mannix

Ally Mannix

Ally Mannix

Nutrition With Al

Ally is a student Nutritionist study at Monash University in Melbourne. She currently isn't taking any clients, but works online to produce recipes and health education for her wider audience. Area's Ally is interested in include sports, public health, weight management and overall general good health. She also has a passion for breaking down food fads and myths related to healthy living and eating. She takes a non-dieting approach to living healthily, and encourages the same of her audience. You can find her at @nutritionwithal on instagram.

More about me:

Student Nutritionist (not yet graduated)
Monash University
Bachelor of Nutrition Science (Scholars program)
Accredited with: Not yet qualified


Weight Loss, Sports, Public Health and/or Public Policy, General Health
Or find me on instagram: @nutritionwithal

Contact me:

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