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Christine Stewart

Christine Stewart
Christine Stewart

Christine Stewart


Christine loves helping her clients to eat well by creating gut nourishing recipes and evening meal plans that support healthy eating for those with busy lifestyles. With a focus on optimising gut health, Christine enjoys educating others on the value of eating a variety of whole foods to support the gut microbiome to function at it's best. Christine was honored to create gut nourishing recipes for the Australian NRL teams as well as presenting the squad with a gut health workshop.   Christine has also been featured as a subject matter expert for her articles published in Women’s Weekly, Wellbeing Wild and Lunch Lady magazines plus has been a guest speaker on the forensic nutritionist, love and guts, nutrition grad guide and hacking joy podcasts.

More about me:

Deakin University
Master of Human Nutrition
Accredited with: Nutrition Society of Australia


Weight Loss, Gut Health, Nutrition Research, General Health, Nutrition Workshops
Or find me on instagram: @gut.nutritionist

Contact me:

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