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Georgia Murchie

Georgia Murchie

Georgia Murchie

Georgia’s Nutrition

Georgia is an Accredited Practicing Nutritional Advisor who focuses on female fat loss and sports nutrition. She strives towards creating realistic and sustainable plans for females that want to look and feel their best whilst still being able to enjoy social aspects of life. Georgia support women in achieving their health goals by looking at multiple aspects of their life like nutrition, sleep, stress management, exercise, sexual health, hormonal balance and social interaction. Georgia believes in providing answers to her clients is one of the most important parts as a Nutritional Advisor. Therefore, she is trained in creating appropriate referrals to other specialist when necessary.

More about me:

Vast Academy
Certificate 4 in Nutritional Advisory
Accredited with: Nutrition Society of Australia


Weight Loss, Gut Health, Cardiovascular health, General Health
Or find me on instagram: @georgias.nutrition

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