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10 of the Healthiest Snack Swaps to Buy at the Supermarket

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With the rise of healthy snack choices, are they really any better than popping out and grabbing the nearest chocolate bar? We have put 10 healthy snack products to the test to compare their supermarket counterparts and see what the benefits really are!

Nomu Noms VS Haigh’s Milk Roasted Macadamia

Nomu Noms are plant-based chocolates using all organic ingredients and the best bit, their packaging is completely biodegradable and suitable for home composting, so a big win for the planet too.

Why we like this swap:
We love this swap not only for their planet loving packaging, but they are organic, GMO-free and when compared to Haighs Milk Roasted Macadamias they are lower in sugar and are also suitable for vegans.

Blue Dinosaur Lamington VS Bounty

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The Blue Dinosaur brand has some great snacks and their Lamington bar is a winner. Using just 5 natural ingredients, the inclusion of dates has made this a great option to boost fibre intake, with over 5g of fibre per bar.

Why we like this swap:
The Lamington bar by Blue Dinosaur is also gluten-free compared to a Bounty bar which contains wheat, so one for coeliacs or anyone intolerant to gluten to avoid and let's not forget the added benefit of being high in fibre.

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Bennetto Orange with Chili VS Lindt Excellence Orange Intense

Lindt has a great range of dark chocolate, but WOW, the Bennetto Orange with Chili is sooo good! The orange and chilli combination is fresh and hot all at the same time.

Why we like this swap:
Bennetto has the added bonus of being certified vegan through The Vegan Society and Coeliac Society NZ approved. Although Lindt Orange Intense is dark chocolate, it contains milk solids and therefore isn’t suitable for vegans or anyone with lactose intolerance.

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Alter Eco Balls VS Lindt Balls

OK so not only do Alter Eco Balls taste amazing using ingredients such as organic cacao and vanilla beans, they are wrapped in plant-based, non-GMO compostable wrappers!

Why we like this swap:
They contain no emulsifiers, whereas Lindt Balls do and Alter Eco Balls are certified organic, certified fairtrade, certified gluten-free and they are planet friendly. There is no contest.

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Gutsii Mint VS Aero Mint

With Nestle’s Aero Peppermint Bubble Bar containing ingredients such as modified vegetable and palm oil, the Gutsii Prebiotic Dark Swiss Chocolate contains no added sugars and is a bonus for your gut. Gutsii’s prebiotic bar contains inulin, a type of fibre that is beneficial to the gut microbiome.

Why we like this swap:
Nestle’s Aero contains 0g of fibre and Gutsii’s addition of inulin hits a whopping 11g of fibre per serve. That’s more than 30% of the recommended daily intake of fibre in a chocolate bar! Can life get any better?!

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Loco Love VS Godiva Choc Truffles

Rich, decadent and a list of ingredients as long as your arm, Godiva Chocolate Truffles are made using ingredients such as vegetable oils, emulsifiers and wheat flour whilst Loco Love use minimally processed wholefoods.

Why we like this swap:
Loco Loves indulgent treats such as their Salted Caramel Crunch, Smooth Orange Ganache or Hazelnut Praline have added superfoods bringing a boost to their health benefits. Hazelnut Praline, for example, contains He Shou We, a balancing ingredient rich in antioxidants.

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Chow Cacao Hazelnut Butter Crunch VS Vego

Using house-made hazelnut butter (erm yum how good does that sound?) the Chow Cacao Hazelnut Butter Crunch bar uses just 6 whole food ingredients.

Why we like this swap:
Both products are suitable for vegans and whilst the Vego Bar is made using organic ingredients it also includes emulsifier, soy lecithin, so isn’t suitable for anyone with soy allergies or intolerances.

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Loving Earth Cashew Mylk Chocolate VS Cadbury Dairy Milk

Loving Earth Cashew Mylk Chocolate is made using just 3 ingredients, whilst Cadburys Dairy Milk includes vegetable oils and emulsifiers.

Why we like this swap:
Loving Earth Cashew Mylk Chocolate is a classic twist on milk chocolate and tastes rich and creamy, whilst undergoing minimal processing and ingredients such as Ashaninka cacao beans. Cacao is also an amazing source of magnesium to help support the central nervous system!

Shelby’s Raspberry & Dark Choc Almonds VS Cadbury Choc Coated Almonds

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Shelby’s are staying true to their healthy hedonism motto with their Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Almonds. These are the perfect mid-afternoon sweet treat!

Why we like this swap:
Not only are Shelby’s gluten-free and dairy-free, but they also use no artificial sweeteners. When compared to the Cadburys Chocolate Coated Almonds, they contain half the amount of sugar per serve, making Shelby's a great snack to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

There are so many great snack options nowadays that offer additional health benefits when compared to the more traditional milk chocolate bar. Whilst sugar content is typically very similar between wholefood products and more processed products, products using wholefoods are much more nutrient-dense and have higher levels of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and that is always a bonus!

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Loco Love Imagine Bar VS Nestle Milky Bar Milk & Cookies

If you are avoiding gluten, dairy or soy, Nestle’s Milky Bar Milk & Cookies is not for you. With ingredients, such as vegetable oil and emulsifiers compared to Loco Love’s organic ingredient list featuring the likes of cacao butter, evaporated coconut blossom nectar and maple syrup.

Why we like this swap:
Loco Love is one of my favourite treats, they are artisanal chocolates with some added health bonuses. Their Cookies and Cream Caramel White Chocolate, for example, has the addition of the mighty mushroom Lions Mane - say hello to all the health benefits!!

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Make sure you remember these delicious swaps for your next grocery shop!

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