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Coconut Chips: Why We Love Them

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Melissa Fine

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We’ve heard lots about coconut oil, but what about its sibling, the coconut chip? If you’ve seen coconut chips at the health food store or supermarket but aren’t quite sure what to make of them, here’s the lowdown on the humble coconut chip.

What are Coconut Chips?

Made from creamy coconut flesh, good quality coconut chips - like the ones from Ceres Organics – are baked and hand-cut. The result is crispy coconut chips (AKA coconut flakes), which make a tasty, wholefood snack that you can eat straight up, similar to desiccated coconut, but with much more crunch.

What are the Health Benefits of Coconut Chips?

Apart from naturally enhancing the flavour of whatever you’re eating, coconut chips are:

  • A rich source of dietary fibre , which keeps you fuller for longer and helps stabilise your blood sugar - so you don’t get an energy dip 20 minutes after eating. Fibre also supports gut health by helping to keep you regular. Fun fact: Coconut is actually a fruit, which explains its high fibre content.
  • A good source of beneficial medium-chain-fatty-acids (MCFAs), a good type of saturated fat that tends to be used up as energy, rather than stored as fat. And remember that fat fills you up, delaying stomach emptying and leaving a well-rounded coating in the mouth, so you feel satisfied for hours afterward.
  • Coconut chips are also super portable, for healthy snacking made easy.

How Can I Use Coconut Chips?

There’s so much you can do with coconut chips. And because they’re sort of sweet and sort of savoury, coconut chips work well in a wide variety of dishes. Some ideas:

  • As a smoothie topper – coconut chips make the perfect smoothie garnish. Not only do they look pretty but they’ll give your smoothie some chew, so you don’t just slurp it down in a second.
  • In a homemade trail mix with cacao nibs, raw almonds and goji berries… or try an Asian-style combo by mixing coconut chips mixed with tamari almonds – delish!
  • Mixed through your porridge or bircher muesli for some crunch and sweetness – a great way to bump up the fibre and healthy fat content of your brekkie.
  • As a salad-sprinkler , delicious in a cabbage or grated carrot salad, or on a tofu or chicken stir-fry cooked in coconut oil and tamari for a salty and sweet combo.
  • Stirred through brown rice or quinoa with some currants. You can add some coconut milk to make this extra creamy a delicious side dish to serve with your stir-fry, or grilled chicken or fish with steamed greens.

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