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GMB Transformation: Meet Our August Wholefoodie!

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We love seeing how we have helped inspire people in the GMB Fam on their wellness journey - from learning how to read nutrition labels, making healthy food swaps and adopting lifelong habits from our regular challenges. This month, we chat to member of the GMB Fam and nutritionist, Nicolette Casarotto. Keep reading as she takes us through her health story!

How did you eat growing up?

I grew up eating a lot of different foods. I have an Italian and Lebanese background which was reflected in my daily diet. My mum would always make me healthy packed lunches; it was rare to get a Vegemite sandwich. I grew up learning about food, how to cook and look after my health. We never really ate anything processed or fast food. Good quality healthy produce and was at the core of my diet.

How do you feel now that you eat wholefoods?

Wholefoods make up majority of my diet. My mood and energy drops dramatically when I am missing wholefoods in my day; they provide energy and fuel for my body.

How would you describe your food philosophy?

I am a strong advocate for a balance lifestyle and diet. Food should be enjoyed and never a restriction or cause stress. My favourite meal is a bowl of pasta with a glass of red wine and that is not something I will remove from my diet; instead I have it in moderation because balance is key. Food is a huge part of my life and always has been and that will never change. I like to eat food that makes me feel good and that stems from a strong Mediterranean diet.

What made you switch to wholefoods?

I grew up eating wholefoods majority of the time so when I am missing these foods in my diet I notice straight away. When I was experiencing stress or travelling I would slip up on eating enough wholefoods throughout the day, especially breakfast. I had to focus on changing what I would eat for breakfast to include wholefoods. I never had a focus on wholefoods until I started to study nutrition and actually realised the importance. I struggled with low energy for several years, and would have dizzy spells regularly and although I ate well, I never thought about wholefoods and the importance it would have on my energy levels especially in the morning. When my energy levels would drop or I felt stressed I really started to look at the wholefoods I was consuming and making as many healthy swaps as I could.

Was the change difficult and if so how did you overcome this?

It was very easy because wholefoods was usually a main factor of my diet so I would notice when I slipped up. The main change I had to focus on was putting more focus into what I was eating when I was on the go; for example having to pack my lunches for uni so I would have a healthy lunch as their was not a lot of healthy options to choose from on campus. When my exercise routine picked up a lot I had to really analyse the training intensity I was doing and making sure I was eating enough wholefoods post workouts for recovery and energy. The biggest shift was to actually be aware of what I was eating and if it was enough.

Any tips or advice for those out there trying to make the switch to a wholefood lifestyle?

Seek professional advice if it is a big issue for you otherwise try to make small swaps and increase change as you go. A nutritionist or dietitian can recommend so many helpful tricks that will save you time, confusion and stress. Social media is often flooded with advice that is not necessarily ideal for everyone.

After making the switch, how did you feel after and did you notice things you could do that you couldn't do before?

My overall health is impacted when I skip wholefoods. Wholefoods have such a positive impact on my skin, energy, concentration and feeling fuelled before or after a training session.

Is there anything you can do now or you have done, which you once thought would have been possible?

Mindful and intuitive eating. I am not a big believer in diets so eating intuitively and listening to my body is the only way I will manage my way of eating and I feel great doing this. 

What are 4 staple products that are always in your shopping trolley?

Fresh fruit and veg, rolled oats, coconut water, nuts and seeds.

How has GMB helped you on your health journey?

I am able to try so many healthy products I might not normally try and also to see a range of products I can recommend to clients with diet restrictions is so beneficial.

What has been your all-time favourite product in our box and why?

The Almo almond milk. The sample had me hooked and now I can not live without it.

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