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Why Bliss Balls Are Good For You

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Bliss balls, protein balls, protein bites or whatever you call them, this wholefood snack meets our criteria for what makes a healthy snack. Here’s what one of these babies will give you.

1) Good Fats

Your typical bliss ball contains nuts and seeds as a base, giving you a good dose of healthy fats. The great thing with nuts and seeds is that each variety has its own unique flavour, texture and health benefits – creamy almonds for instance provide antioxidant-rich vitamin E, and buttery walnuts are a good plant source of anti-inflammatory omega-3, and essential fatty acid which also promotes skin and hair health.

And if you’re a regular reader of the GoodnessMe Box blog you’ll know that we love a little good fat with our meals because it keeps us full. Not only does fat delay stomach emptying, its full-bodied flavour lingers in the mouth so you feel satisfied long after eating… Sugary, low fat snacks however give you a short-lived blood sugar spike and lack the well-rounded mouth feel that fat provides, so tend to leave you wanting more.

2) Fibre

Thanks to their nut, seed and dried fruit content (like coconut and dates), bliss balls tend to be high in fibre, a nutrient with so many health benefits. Not only will fibre keep you fuller for longer, it breaks down slowly, so helps keep your blood sugar stable. Fibre is essential for good gut health, helping to keep you regular. Certain plant fibres can also serve as ‘prebiotics’, compounds that serve as a feeding ground for probiotics, your good gut bacteria.

3) Protein

With the right ingredients – like nuts and protein powder, a bliss ball can be a protein-rich snack or dessert, helping to keep your blood sugar stable between meals. It also can make an energising and sustaining pre-workout snack, without being too heavy on your stomach.

Of all the nuts, peanuts are particularly high in protein – try one of Charlie’s Peanut Butter Muscle Balls for a sweet and salty protein hit.

4) Portion Control

…One and you’re done! Although we do love making our own bliss balls, buying one from the health food store or café while you’re out and about makes it easier to stop at one. And with ingredients like cacao, coconut, vanilla or dates, your sweet tooth will be satisfied the healthy way. A much healthier alternative to something from the vending machine or a café muffin the size of your face.

5) Real Ingredients

Compare the ingredients in a highly processed, packaged snack or dessert from the supermarket to a handmade bliss ball from the health food store: a popular choccie bickie for example has a long ingredients list (red flag!), containing highly processed ingredients with zero nutritional value - think refined wheat flour, golden syrup and number-coded colours.

A good quality bliss ball on the other hand, like one of Charlie’s Clean Treats - Chocolate Nut Love Balls, has a short list of familiar, wholefood ingredients - just coconut, almonds, sunflower seeds, dates and Dutch cocoa. A nourishing snack that tastes like a treat!

Make a healthier choice today with one of Charlie’s Balls – New & improved / Real, not fake / Gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservative & guilt free...these healthy, happy balls are the perfect addition to your day. Find out more at

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