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Why You Should Be Using Natural Skincare Products

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Every day, we’re exposed to allergens and irritants, that’s just life. While we can’t control that, we can control what we put onto our already-delicate skin. Whether or not you have sensitive skin, there are plenty of reasons why it’s worth making the switch to a natural skincare routine. Here are just 5 of them.

#1 They reduce your toxic load

Every day, the average woman applies hundreds of chemicals on her skin between makeup, perfume, hair and skincare products. Our skin is like a sponge, and absorbs up to 85% of what we put on it – so if you’re using a handful of commercial products, you could be applying a chemical cocktail to your skin daily. No, thanks! Over time, these toxins build up and can have an effect on your immunity, mood and nervous system. Our bodies are brilliant machines, and they are great at detoxing – but give yours a helping hand by slathering on natural skincare products that are packed with good-for-you ingredients. For example, Skinfood NZ’s Coconut & Cucumber Sheet Mask smells as good as you can imagine, as does their Gel Cleanser, which contains a mix of papaya, guava and mango extracts. Yum!

Pro tip

Chances are, you’re already a food label bandit (guilty!). When you’re scanning skincare labels, look out for nasties like parabens, phthalates, sulphates, SLS, resorcinol and petroleum. You definitely don’t want those sitting on your skin.

#2 They’re hypoallergenic

This is a fancy term for saying that they’re less likely to cause an allergic reaction. And it makes sense: since natural products are free from chemicals and nasties, there aren’t many foreign ingredients for your skin to react to. The skincare industry doesn’t have standards that products must meet to put ‘hypoallergenic’ on their labels, so it’s up to you to read the ingredients lists. Of course, it’s always safe to patch test before committing to any new product.

#3 They’re better for the environment

If you want to be a more conscious consumer, reach for natural skincare products. In the process of manufacturing ‘traditional’ products, chemicals can end up in the air and water, and down our drains – and then find their way into our soils and waterways. On the flipside, natural skincare products are manufactured in a – you guessed it – natural and often organic way, so fewer chemicals are released into the environment. In a nutshell? Going au naturel is an easy way to do your bit for the planet.

#4 They hydrate your skin

Have you ever used an active product, only to end up with dry, red or irritated skin? Yep, chemical-based skincare products work against your skin, and they can strip it of its natural oils and cause irritation (especially if you have sensitive skin). Added fragrances and a lot of the harmful ingredients we listed above, like sulphates, are notorious for drying out the skin. Natural products are gentle and more nourishing, and in many cases, they’re more effective than their commercial counterparts! If you’re breaking out, try the Skinfood NZ Mud Masque – it’s brilliant at unclogging pores and giving skin a deep cleanse.

#5 They’re naturally scented

When you choose all-natural products, you know they’re naturally scented. So, if you’re applying a rose face cream, you can rest assure that it actually gets its scent from rosewater and essential oils. And if you’re using products scented with essential oils, that’s a form of aromatherapy! Commercial products will often use chemicals to create imitation fragrances, which can cause headaches and irritation for some people.

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*Image credit: @skinfoodnz

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