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Meet Tepache: The Gut-Friendly Beverage Trending Now

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Kombucha has been all the range in the health food beverage scene over the last few years, and now it has a fizzy, refreshing and tangy sibling: ‘tepache’.

Say, what? Pronounced ‘te-par-chey’ (rhymes with ‘par-tay’), this fermented beverage is not so new. With origins in Mexico, tepache was traditionally made from pineapple peel and rind, brown sugar, and cinnamon or cloves for a hint of spice.

What are the health benefits of Tepache?

Other than the fact that it tastes like a tropical holiday, tepache comes with many health perks.

It can support digestive health

Tepache is fermented for several days with live cultures that promote diverse beneficial gut flora for a happier, healthier gut – and a happier, healthier you (we now know that there is a strong link between digestive health and numerous other aspects of health and wellbeing, including immune and mental health).

Tepache also develops organic acids (short chain fatty acids) in the fermentation process; these can help to fuel the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, and like live cultures, help ward off undesirable bacteria.

GoodnessMe Box Remedy Kombucha Tepache

It’s sugar free

Like with kombucha, the sugar in tepache is consumed (eaten up) during the fermentation process, so you can have your tepache and drink it too. In comparison, a standard can of lemonade contains 32g of sugar (the equivalent of eight sugar cubes), which won’t be doing your gut flora, blood sugar, dental or general health any favours.

It’s an easy way to consume fermented foods

If you’re not a fan of kimchi or sauerkraut, tepache provides an alternative to these fermented foods that’s less of an acquired taste (Our go-to Tepache by Remedy is sweetened with plant-derived erythritol and stevia for natural, sugar free sweetness). Tepache is also a great substitute for fermented dairy products like yoghurt and kefir, which many people can’t stomach due to the lactose content.

It’s hydrating

Tepache was traditionally brewed to quench thirst. Unlike alcohol, tea, and coffee, which can be dehydrating, tepache will do the opposite and support your hydration

It’s super versatile

A wholefood, sugar free alternative to soft drink or fruit juice, tepache also makes a festive substitute for champagne; a treat for non-drinkers or if you’re trying to cut back on alcohol. We also love a splash or two of it in our soda water with a slice of orange, over ice. When it comes to pairing tepache with food, its crisp flavour profile goes well with anything spicy; think tacos, chips and salsa, and hot curries or stir fries.

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