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7 of the Best Protein Snacks, According to a Nutritionist

By GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor, Melissa Fine 

Not just for gym junkies, a protein bar can come in handy for everything from the mid-afternoon slump to road trips. If you’re feeling a little lost in the protein bar aisle, we’ve got you.  

Macro Mike’s Protein Snack Bars

Once you sample Macro Mike's Blueberry Muffin Protein Bar (find it in this month’s Health Box), you’ll never go back to plastic-y protein bars pretending to be good for you. Props to Aussie brand Macro Mike for creating a range of plant-based protein bars with a short and sweet list of ingredients we can actually pronounce (and wait till you try the other flavours; we can’t decide which one’s our favourite). 

Blue Dinosaur Protein Bar

Did you say cookie dough? Blue Dinosaur’s dessert-inspired Protein Bars actually taste like the flavour listed on the wrapper, and they’re made with just a handful of nourishing ingredients - including beef collagen and free-range egg whites for a whopping 22g+ of protein. 

Googys Protein Bar

If you’re after a protein bar that’s dairy-free and made without protein powder, this is it. Every Googys bar is packed with 12g of protein from three egg whites, but there is zero eggy flavour and only deliciousness from a simple list of natural ingredients, which are listed in their exact amounts on the front of the packaging; this really is a product with nothing to hide.

PranaOn Plant Protein Bar

So it might look a lot like the super processed whey protein bars from the supermarket, but surprise: a PranaOn Bar is actually made with clean, vegan ingredients. We especially like that it’s sweetened naturally with sugar-free, plant-derived sweeteners (stevia and monk fruit) instead of artificial sweeteners like maltitol, which can upset your gut and its beneficial flora. 

Koja Natural Peanut Butter Bar 

The fruit-free, FODMAP-friendly bar people have been asking for, Koja’s Peanut Butter Bar is also plant-based and gluten-free, so is suitable for loads of dietary requirements. It doesn’t contain any protein powder so isn’t as high as in protein as the other bars mentioned here - but it’s still a nice balanced snack that will nip any sweet craving in the bud thanks to a good mix of heart-healthy fats, fibre, and protein.


RX Bar

The no B.S. protein bar, what you see is what you get in an RX. And whether you feel like something chocolatey, coconutty, or fruity, you’re sure to find an RX flavour that’s right up your alley. 


MunchMe Blueberry Almond

MunchMe is full of natural ingredients to keep you powered through your day. Trust us when we say there is a flavour to suit anyone's tastebuds. Shop the range on the GoodnessMe Shop. 



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