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My Day On A Plate: Autoimmune Fighter and Wholesome Cook

Tracey Anderson believes in the healing power of real food and home cooking after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called chronic Uticaria. She has a Degree in Psychology and has a deep passion for developing wholefood recipes which she shares on her Instagram @NourishinglyDelicious. Her mission is to educate and inspire others to cook from scratch and completely additive-free.

Tracey is intolerant to additives in processed foods and began to cook with wholefoods to try and improve her immune system. She sees her condition as a blessing in disguise and her body's way of protecting her from eating processed food.

From simply changing the way she shops at the supermarket to what she puts on her plate, it has helped her manage her inflammation in a natural way. Some of Tracey’s favourite things to make, include broths, homemade dips & chutneys, fresh juices, one-pot wonders, or sugar-free & dairy-free vegan desserts.


Here's a sneak peek into a day on Tracey's Plate...



I like to start my day with a hot cup of lemon water followed by a filling Breakfast as I usually wake up pretty hungry. My go-to will have to be Eggs & Avocado on Toast with some pumpkin seeds. My other go-to is chia raspberry pudding with coconut.

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Lunch could be leftovers from dinner or a NourishinglyDelicious Green Nourish Bowl Pasta Salad. This is the time my son goes down for a nap so 3 times a week I’ll do a home workout from “The Workout for Women App”. I’m obsessed with their booty attention, bodybuilder & aerobics exercises which can be done anywhere. Then it’s shower time, and some downtime working on my content & recipes, followed by the school run.

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For a snack, I usually make Raw Berry Bars or a nutrient-dense smoothie bowl after school which is packed with wholefood goodness. I also love my sugar free almond cookies!

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I love cooking one-pan dishes. My favourite is my Baked Tamari Salmon in a bed of Greens. I eat this with brown rice or quinoa & pickled chilli. Another favourite is my Satay Broccoli Chicken with Rice.

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On the weekends I make dessert, my favourites at the moment are my Raw No-Bake Coconut & Mango Cheesecake and my Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls.

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You can say hello to Tracey on her Instagram @NourishingDelicious and discover more of her delicious recipes!

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