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My Day On A Plate: Italian Pasta Loving Dietitian Lauren Marino

This week we welcome Italian Dietitian and Personal Trainer Lauren Marino for our weekly My Day On A Plate segment. Lauren has a love for running, all things food and a good Pinot Noir. She is passionate about healing people's relationship with food and their body and breaking down diet culture.

With an Italian background, Lauren has a love for food and cooking, especially for her family. She eats pasta and regularly debunks the myth that pasta and carbs are 'unhealthy.'

Working 6 days a week she loves her food to be simple, quick and tasty. However, she is not a fan of eating the same meal 5 days in a row. Her work varies day to day, as does her routine and diet, so variety is important!
Not only will you get a look into what Lauren eats on a typical day but she's even included her Chickpea and Sweet Potato Salad recipe below! 



On a typical workday, I aim to wake up at 5 am. I'll head out for a 10km run or maybe go to the gym for a GRIT session and a shorter run. I have also been loving Reformer Pilates but mainly find time for this on the weekends.

Breakfast is usually 2 pieces of good grainy sourdough: one with Mayver's Dark Roasted peanut butter and honey, and the other with vegemite and avocado. I love a sweet and savoury combination and I'm also sourdough's biggest fan. Plus a homemade soy latte, of course, I love my coffee machine.

 Lauren Marino



I don't often snack in the morning because I'm busy but if I do it's just a piece of fruit.



Lunch is usually leftovers! I am unable to cook for 1 or even 2, I always end up cooking for 6 so leftovers are a must. I have been also loving my chickpea and sweet potato salad. I always aim for my lunch to follow the healthy plate model. This means 1/2 a plate of non-starchy veggies/salad, 1/4 plate of low GI carbohydrates like pasta, brown rice or sweet potato, and 1/4 plate of protein such as legumes, fish or eggs.




Afternoon snack is usually a YoPro or Chobani FIT with a sprinkle of muesli on top with a piece of fruit. 



I generally have pasta for dinner. But my pasta to sauce ratio is about 1:2, I love my sauce. I make a pretty easy, nutritious and tasty tuna pasta sauce and it's definitely my go-to. There are 5+ veggies in there, lots of herbs and it's so chunky you could eat it on its own (and I have done that). I prefer to choose wholemeal or pulse pasta because I prefer the flavour and the fibre content is a lot higher. I love the red lentil pulse pasta by San Remo. I often have a slice of sourdough with Cobram Estate garlic olive oil as well if I'm super hungry. If you haven't tried this, you must!

Lauren Marino



I'm not a huge sweet tooth but genuinely enjoy a few pieces of dark chocolate, preferably orange or nut flavoured, maybe some sweet and salty popcorn, or a little bit of a slice that I made for recipe testing.

Vegan Lemon Coconut Slice


Lauren sees clients all over Melbourne and enjoys helping others make more nutritious choices and increase their energy with food freedom. To learn more about Lauren find her on Instagram, Facebook or visit her Website

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