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My Day On A Plate: Life as a mum, wellness coach and recipe developer, Shannon Cooper

Shannon Cooper is a mum, health and wellness coach, recipe developer and advocate for clean living, outdoor adventures and fitness. Shannon shows her life on Instagram keeping things real with mum-life and helping people get comfortable and confident in the kitchen by realising that eating ‘healthy’ doesn’t need to mean gold dusted goji berries and unicorn tears.


Shannon's Day On A Plate...

An average day on my plate has changed so much over the past 5-10 years as I have really dialled in on what feels good for me and being intuitive and accepting of the fact that what serves me today may not serve me next week/month/year and to be flexible with what my body needs.

Right now, and for almost the past 12 months I have been incorporating intermittent fasting into my life. This was not an intentional practice, it just so happened that I had a week of hectic mornings where I missed breakfast and realised that felt good for me so I ran with it.


I wake around 5.30am because apparently that’s when my almost 5-year-old likes to start the day. I have a coffee with homemade coconut milk, collagen & medicinal mushrooms which I find helps me feel the ‘pep’ from the coffee but without the side effects of jitteriness or anxiety. My little human is into French toast made with paleo bread right now so she has that then we head off to walk the dog.



Water is generally all I drink until between 10.30-11.30am when I get hungry and have my ‘breakfast’. Today that was zucchini, rainbow chard, leftover roasted sweet potato and red cabbage cooked in ghee with 2 eggs and ½ an avocado.

I generally don’t snack because I’m hungry, I do it when I’m bored!



A snack will generally be some 90% dark chocolate with almond butter or a lemon cheesecake bliss ball.

GoodnessMe Box Shannon Cooper



I’m really loving the Green St Kitchen Jamu tonics right now so I will often have a small amount of that as a tonic and to get some of the great probiotics. Dinner is always pretty similar and I have heaps of IG TV videos to show people how to ‘Get Sh*t Done Quick In The Kitchen’ with maximum taste and minimal messing about. Today’s dinner was veggie loaded meatballs with potato & sweet potato wedges and homemade kimchi mayo.

GoodnessMe Box Shannon Cooper



I don’t often do dessert but if I have a hankering for something sweet I will make some Nice Cream with fermented bananas, raspberries, collagen and coconut cream and top it with some chocolate nut butter!

GoodnessMe Box Shannon Cooper

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