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We Talk 'Mantras' with Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin is not your average social media ‘fitspo’. Sure, she has the fitness credentials – a qualified nutritionist, master trainer, internationally awarded bikini competitor and fitness model. But she’s also a mum of four, entrepreneur, author and wholefoods cook. She has released a beautiful book called More than Words a collection of her favourite words of encouragement to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

What was the driver behind your book ‘More than Words’?

I was going through a hard period in my own life, and relied heavily on inspiration and quotes from outside sources.
I looked to things people have said to me that resonated with me and stuck with me.

More than Words was a very organic process, I didn't think it would become a book, and I never intended on it becoming a 'money-maker'. It's a very personal product and an insight into my brain that I wanted to share with others.

You say you firmly believe words can change your life – positively and negatively, can you elaborate on this and when did you discover this?

I think my first memory of having words change my life was during high school.
We often think about high school and have a memory of something that someone said to us. Everybody and anybody has had horrible words said to them and still now as adults hold onto them. Everyone can relate to that.
Positively - a few key inspirational words from those closest to us can change our whole mood and help us to see good in a bad situation, and encourage us to keep pushing forward during a hard time.



You say you read mantras every single night and it has become a nightly ritual. Do you have any other nightly rituals and what does your nighttime/bedtime routine look like?

We always have dinner together as a family, that's a big nightly ritual in our household. Our kids all go to bed by 7pm, so the rest of the night can be enjoyed as husband and wife. I aim to be in bed early so I'm well rested for the next day. I make all the lunches for the kids and lay my clothes out for an early morning as well. So I always aim to stay off social media before bed, and my goal for 2018 was to read one hard copy book a month. I find that reading allows your brain to really switch off before sleep.

Can you choose 3 of your favourite mantras from your book to share?

  1. Your superpower is that you are you and there is no one else out there like you.

  2. Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn and you learn faster.

  3. Where the mind wanders, the heart belongs.

Did your passion for mantras and gratefulness arise after transitioning into a healthier lifestyle?

YES! 100%

Can you talk us through how some of these mantras helped you through different stages of your life?

I was going through an incredibly hard period with legal issues with my business and at a time where I felt like everything was up in the air, words that others close to me had spoken to me helped me see the positive and light at the end of the tunnel when I really just wanted to give up.

Who is someone who has inspired you?

My husband Nathan.
He once said to me 'I don't know many things for certain, but I do know that the sun will rise, the moon will fill your night skies and that tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities.'


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