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We believe everyone should feel their best from the inside out, which is why we’re all about natural beauty products with no hidden nasties. With our beauty box gifts, the lucky receiver gets to enjoy up to 10 natural beauty and lifestyle products that’ll help them make the switch! 

Cheeky peek inside past boxes
Cheeky peek inside past boxes

All-natural and chemical free products

Together with our picky practitioners, we sift through thousands of beauty products to ensure only the best of the best end up in our beauty boxes - because, we’re not sure if you’ve heard but chemical-laden products are out and natural beauty is in! We make going ‘au natural’ super easy and we’re here to help you do the same

Beauty with integrity

Together with our very picky health practitioners, we sift through thousands of the latest products on Australian shelves and put them through our super-strict GM ethically wholesome and GMO-free test.

Stephanie Malouf, Nutritionist
Melissa Fine, Nutritionist
Sandy Krafchik, Doctor
Talya Rabinovitz, Psychologist

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