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5 Essential Beach Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy This Summer

Written by

Melissa Fine

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I know if I go to the beach for the day without packing any snacks, I’m more likely to make poor food choices. Make your beach day a healthy one with some of these easy-to-tote, tasty snacks. Throw them in the cooler bag with an ice pack and you’re good to go.

1) Edamame Beans: To me, edamame are nature’s crisps – moreish but good for you ☺ Buy a serving of these from your local Japanese joint on your way to the beach, or prep them yourself – You’ll find frozen edamame at Asian grocers; Just boil them up and you have a fibre-rich, wholefood snack.

2) Vegie Crudités: Maybe not so original but they are tasty - especially sweet red capsicum crudités dipped in a little hummus, my favourite! Plus, you’re less likely to buy a packet of chips at the kiosk if you tote a container of vegie sticks with you, which take just a few minutes to prep. Crunch without the calories!

3) Portable Fruit: Apples, mandarins, plums and bananas are all good options. Cherries are in season and awesome at the moment, or take my go-to sweet-toothed snack: Frozen grapes! These are like little ice blocks and take much longer to eat than regular grapes; Refreshing and a much healthier alternative to sugar-water ice blocks.

4) Homemade Trail Mix: For some blood sugar-stabilising protein, healthy fats and fibre - A satiating snack that keeps me full between main meals. I like a handful of omega-3 rich walnuts and almonds for some calcium and creaminess, plus a chopped Medjool date for a little sweetness; Pop into a little snap-lock bag or container for a portion-controlled snack.

5) Rethink Your Drink: Swap that sugary or diet soft drink and hydrate with more natural beverages; In addition to good old cold H20, try sparkling mineral water, coconut water or homemade iced herbal tea, a great way to bump up your water intake: Before heading out to the beach, simply pour 1-2 cups of your favourite steeped herbal tea (I like ginger or berry infusions) into a portable jar or bottle over ice, screw the lid on and that’s it!
Or, for a grab and go option when you’re out and about, Stolen Recipe’s Wildberry Pomegranate Iced Green Tea gets my tick of approval, being 100% natural and freshly brewed. Plus it’s delicious as it sounds, and the green tea gives it a bit of a kick – The perfect pick-me-up in the summer heat.

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