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Five Days, Five Ways With Chia Jam

Written by

Melissa Fine

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By Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor Melissa Fine.

Thanks to the awesome invention that is chia jam, your morning spread just became healthier. Here are five fun, easy ways to incorporate chia jam into your everyday meals.

Berry Awesome Bircher:

Chia seeds are the perfect addition to a vegan (dairy free) bircher muesli because they expand when soaked, so will thicken up the mixture like yoghurt does. For one serve, combine 1/3 C rolled oats with 2/3 C almond milk (or whatever milk you like), a heaped tsp chia jam, ¼ of a grated apple (skin on) and a handful of chopped raw nuts; Cover and refrigerate overnight and wake up to a nutritious, delicious breakfast…Top with some fresh berries and more nuts for extra protein, fibre and goods fats to keep you full all morning.


Grown-up Peanut Butter and Jam:

Your classic pb & j is pretty much confectionery – White bread with nothing but empty kilojoules, slathered with commercial peanut butter and jam that’s full of refined sugar and vegetable oil. If you or your kids love a good pb & j, why not turn this classic combo into a healthy one? Swap the white bread with some low GI sourdough and top with 100% peanut or almond butter and a raspberry-chia spread, like the one from Henry Jones & Co’s Fruit and Chia range (find it at the supermarket); With 45% less sugar than jam*, this is a much more wholesome alternative to your typical commercial fruit spread.


Say Cheese:

Having some health foodies over? Why not switch the quince paste on your cheese board for some blood orange chia jam? (Henry Jones & Co do an awesome one)…There’s something about cheese and jam that just works – I love the contrast of sweet, salty, tangy and creamy when you combine the two. For a snack that feels a bit special, try a seeded cracker topped with a little chia jam and a slice of cheddar, brie or gouda. Cream cheese, cottage cheese or quark (thick-strained yoghurt ‘cheese’) work well too.


Berry Omega Breakkie Smoothie:

Thanks to the addition of chia and flaxseed, this smoothie will give you a good dose of essential, anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, which we tend to not get enough of in the Western diet. In the blender combine a heaped TBS chia jam, a TBS ground flaxseed, and half a C each of your favourite milk and yoghurt (I like natural Greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt for a dairy free option). Blend until smooth, pour into a pretty glass or jar and top with a sprinkle of chia seeds for some crunch. This is also fun to eat from a bowl, like soup!

Perfect Porridge:

Sub that spoonful of sugar on your porridge with a dollop of chia jam; I like swirling a spoon of Henry Jones & Co Fruit & Chia through my oats for a touch of sweetness…Pretty too.
Henry Jones & Co Fruit & Chia is not a jam or simply a spread – it combines the goodness of chia with the most flavourful fruits and to find out more click here!

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