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Five Paleo Friendly, Filling Snacks

Written by

Melissa Fine

Posted on


Stuck for paleo, minimally processed snacks to curb your appetite? Here are five on my rotation that taste good too.

1) Almond Butter and Banana ‘Soft Serve’

Serves 2 for a snack or dessert

I just had 2 x serves of this, topped with a sprinkle of muesli for breakfast ☺ Thick, creamy and naturally sweet, frozen banana is my favourite substitute for ice cream in summer. Plus, the healthy fats and protein from the nuts, seeds and yoghurt in this makes a satiating snack, helping to stablise your blood sugar and keep you full between lunch and dinner.

  • 1 large, very ripe banana, frozen with the skin on
  • 1 TBS raw or dry roasted almond butter
  • ¼ Cup plain coconut milk yoghurt (or unsweetened, full fat Greek yoghurt)
  • 1 tsp white chia seeds

Remove banana from freezer, allowing it to defrost a bit (about 10-20 mins) so the skin peels off easily. Once peeled, add banana and the other ingredients to a blender; Blend on medium until everything is well combined and smooth. Pour into two small bowls or wine glasses and you have yourself a wholesome ‘soft serve’ that tastes like a treat.

2) Canned Tuna

A low carb snack that’s easy to chuck in your handbag or keep in your desk draw at work, a small can of tuna will give you +-15 g of protein and a substantial amount of essential omega-3 fats.

Try the flavoured varieties (but check the ingredients to make sure there’s no added sugar or funny numbered additives), or better yet, flavour a can of plain tuna yourself with a squeeze of fresh lemon and some black pepper; I also love a teaspoon of creamy, calcium-rich tahini stirred through – Nice and nutty.

3) Coconut-Strawberry ‘Sandwiches’

Low in fructose and with less sugar than most fruits, I find strawberries help tame my sweet tooth the healthy way mid-afternoon. Fibre-rich and full of healthy fats, coconut butter (coconut flesh) is another paleo-friendly food that takes this snack to another level – It’s low in sugar and to me it tastes like icing ;)

For one serve, simply cut 3 large (or 6 small) strawberries horizontally in half. Spread ½ tsp coconut butter on top of the bottom half of each strawberry, and then place the top half back on to make a ‘sandwich’. Pretty too ☺

4) (Don’t Forget the) Hardboiled Egg

Okay so not too original, but a hardboiled egg, yolk and all, is really a perfect, wholefood snack, packed with nutrients like protein and vitamin B12, which among its many functions, plays a role a role in energy production.

Easy to prep too: Hard-boil a couple day’s worth of eggs at the start of the week and leave in their shells until ready-to-eat so they stay fresh. Enjoy one as a portable snack and so you don’t get bored of this option, top with a sprinkle of salty seaweed flakes or paprika for some oomph.

5) A Simply Raw Bar

One mistake that people on a paleo-style diet tend to make is snacking on those highly processed protein bars; Yes they may be low carb, but they’re typically full of highly processed ingredients like maltitol (an artificial sweetener that can cause digestive upsets), soy protein isolate and non-specified ‘flavours’ from I’m not sure where…Not quite products that you’d keep in your pantry (or come across in caveman times!). Unnatural ingredients like these wont leave you feeling satisfied like real food does (which explains why you might feel ready for snack #2 straight after eating a giant cookies and cream protein bar).

Switch that protein bar for one made with unprocessed, wholesome ingredients that you’re familiar with, like Simply Raw’s Paleo Vanilla Raw Superfood Bar: Delicious thanks to ingredients like fibre-rich Medjool dates (nature’s ‘lollies’), and creamy coconut, it also contains a substantial amount of protein – almost 7 g, thanks to its almond and sunflower seed content.


Simply Raw Paleo Vanilla Raw Superfood Bar:
We created a Paleo Bar that is suitable for all types of dietary restrictions & requirements, whether you follow a Paleo diet or you are just looking to eat healthy.

This Paleo Bar is infused with Vanilla & Coconut and is the perfect balance of essential fats, carbohydrates, calories & flavour. A nutritious snack for all you CrossFitters, Health Enthusiasts & Foodies.

Simply Raw products are made from certified organic ingredients and without adding emulsifiers, additives or preservatives, putting an end to cravings, leaving you healthy, energised and satisfied.

For all the goodness, join us.

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