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Five Things You'll Find In A Good For You, Gluten Free Porridge

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Melissa Fine

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Porridge is my favourite thing to have for breakfast; I love it anytime of year, but it really hits the spot in the colder months. Unfortunately this creamy, sweet grain contains gluten, so is off limits for those of us with coeliac disease or gluten-intolerances.

I wasn’t able to find a gluten free porridge that actually tastes close to the real thing until I came across Brookfarm’s gluten free Porrij; This handcrafted porridge goes to show that with the right balance and combination of gluten free grains and some tasty extras, gluten free porridge can actually taste like the real deal (You’d swear you were eating oats).

…Here’s what you’ll find in a wholesome gluten free porridge (that doesn’t taste like glue!)

1) Brown rice: Many gluten free porridges on the market are made with refined white rice, stripped from all the nutrients that wholegrain brown rice has to offer, like energising B vitamins and fibre to help keep you regular. White rice also lacks the chew of brown rice, meaning you’ll eat it faster and feel less satisfied than you would with brown rice.

2) Millet: This golden-hued seed becomes light and fluffy when cooked like porridge, warming you from the inside out. Plus, you get far more blood sugar-stabilising protein from millet than you would from other gluten free cereals like corn flakes; Just 1/3 of a cup of dry millet is packed with over 7 g of protein, alongside significant amounts of fibre, calcium and potassium.

3) Quinoa: With approximately 50% more protein and fibre than brown rice, this South American pseudo grain can really boost the nutritional value of your porridge. Another reason I love quinoa is that it’s a complete protein, which is rare for a plant food; This means it all contains all nine essential amino acids needed for a range of functions in the body, including tissue growth and repair. Plus it’s a pleasure to cook with, ready in 15 minutes on the stove, and filling your kitchen with a sweet, nutty aroma.

4) Amaranth: Originally cultivated by the Aztecs, this gluten free seed can be cooked like a grain, and is now locally grown in NSW and Victoria. Amaranth boasts one of the highest protein contents of all the grains; Just 1/3 of a cup of dry amaranth gives you nearly 9 g of protein, plus over 4 g of fibre. It also offers minerals like calcium and iron.

5) Extras: I like to think of porridge as a blank canvas for a variety of fun flavours and toppings. It can be made extra special with add-ins like nuts, seeds and spices. Some of my favourites are:

  • Golden flaxseed : This nutty-tasting seed is one of the best plant sources of the anti-inflammatory essential fatty acid omega-3, ‘essential’ meaning our bodies can’t independently produce it and so we need to obtain it from food. Golden flaxseed is also rich in lignans, a group of phyto-oestrogens – plant compounds that upon consumption, may act similarly to oestrogen. I like to eat flaxseed in its ground form; This way it’s easier to absorb and digest.
  • Raw nuts: Great for adding texture and crunch to your porridge and also to boost the protein, fibre and healthy fat content of your breakfast. Lately I’m loving a handful of chopped macadamias in my porridge; Not only are they grown locally, they’re subtly sweet and almost melt in your mouth.
  • Cinnamon:
    There’s no need to add any sugars or syrups to your porridge when there’s cinnamon. This warming, fragrant spice adds sweetness to whatever you’re eating, yet without the sugar or empty kilojoules…Perfect if you have a sweet tooth. Sprinkle it on your porridge along with some ground ginger and nutmeg for a comforting, chai-inspired breakfast.

Brookfarm Gluten Free Porrij.
At Brookfarm we believe it is not enough to produce healthy nutritious food, our customers have to taste the difference. People with gluten intolerance often have a limited choice of foods, our mission was to create a Gluten Free Porrij that was full of flavour and tastes delicious.

We’ve sourced ingredients rich in protein such as organic quinoa and amaranth, organic flaxseed (a rich source of omega 3) and wholesome organic supergrains. This handcrafted high protein porridge will power your day. No added sugars, low sodium and cholesterol free.

Brookfarm Gluten Free Porrij is made from organic brown rice, organic millet, almonds, organic quinoa, organic amaranth, organic golden flaxseed, macadamias, cinnamon.
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