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Game Changing Women In The Health Food Industry!

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With less than a quarter of Australia’s founders being women, in March we wanted to share with you a GoodnessMe Subscription Box packed with predominantly female-founded businesses.

Get to know and love some of the phenomenal women behind amazing brands that are trying (and succeeding) at making a difference!

Melissa Kovacevic - Founder Of Seed Cycle

Melissa was regularly using seed cycling with women at her Functional Nutrition practice and the results were remarkable; she saw hormone acne completely clear, PMS symptoms reduce dramatically as their hormones balance naturally.

The only problem was, as busy women, her clients struggled to keep up with their daily seed routine. Amidst their chaotic schedules, they would often forget to take them or run out before they had a chance to buy more.

This is where Melissa's motivation and lightbulb moment came. Melissa realised that what her clients really needed was a done-for-you seed cycling solution delivered to their doorstep every month. With encouragement and support from her family, The Seed Cycle bloomed.


Maria Sunarto - Deliciously Low Carb

Maria's motivation to start Delicious Low Carb is due to the fact that she struggled to find healthy and yummy KETO/Low carb snacks with clean ingredients. Maria had the mission to create nutritious snacks that are low carb and no sugar without compromising ingredients. She wanted to create snacks that can be enjoyed with the whole family and yet there is no guilt. That’s where her motto “ No guilt .. Just Delicious” came in.

Maria had previously tried snack foods with Sucralose and Maltitol in the past and it upset her stomach. On top of that there were always lots of ingredients that she didn't understand that were heavily processed.


Cinnamon Morrissey - Everymite

Cinnamon created EveryMite initially for her 3rd son William who was born with Down Syndrome. He has numerous food intolerances causing a range of digestive and other health issues (and has since been diagnosed with “Hirsphungs Disease”). Every time he ate vegemite it made him sick and there were no other alternatives he could safely eat. She knew as he got older it would be harder to find substitutes and I wasn't prepared to feed him food that made him sick. Cinnamon did everything herself and developed EveryMite for everyone. It’s been one of the best things I she's ever done and she is so proud that it has benefited her family and many others.


Paula Hannagan - Bounce

Bounce was a labour of Paula and her husband starting in the garage of their home. Paula is a qualified Occupational Therapist, PT and Life Coach and has always been passionate about health with a burning desire to help nourish the lives of others and let them be the best versions of themselves. Paula is dedicated to creating 100% natural and delicious snacks, where ‘healthy’ doesn’t need to be boring.


Lorraine Sarayeldin - PomPom Paddock

Lorraine was inspired by her daughter's love of cauliflower. She would substitute cauliflower for any regular flour for pizza bases etc and decided there had to be an easier way. Lorraine swapped her corporate heels to help others unleash their culinary creativity that she had enjoyed with my family and friends. The name PomPom comes from her daughter, who as a four-year-old would shout ‘Pom Pom’ at the top of her voice pointing at cauliflower as we moved (swiftly) through the local greengrocers… thank you, Ava!


Ally Mellor - Locako

Ally was sick of making money for other businesses while she had to put my boy’s in care all day, every day. So she started Locako with just $2000 as a busy mum with health issues and insulin resistance. On a trip to America, she saw collagen being used in ways Australia hadn’t seen before so she decided to start her own business creating low carb alternatives, utilising collagen and all the benefits. Ally started making her first products in the kitchen of her home and selling them at the markets, and now sells them in major retailers.


Hayley Dickinson - Eat for You

Hayley started Eat for You because she believed that everyone deserves access to good food. Hayley is a mum and a scientist and those two things mean that she has zero tolerance for untruths in food claims. Good food means honest food. The Eat for You team are committed to delivering good food that honours both people, and the planet. They make their snack bars using only certified organic wholefood ingredients. In other words, you'll only find dried fruit, nuts, seeds and nut and seed butters in their products. Eat for You wrap their food in home compostable packaging so that there is nothing left after someone has enjoyed their food. To round it all out, Eat for You are passionate about making sure that everyone can access good food, which is why they use 50% of their profits to donate the food to the communities who need it most.


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