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My Day On A Plate: Australian Boxing Champion Taylah Robertson

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Taylah Robertson is 21 years old and a flyweight (51kgs) boxer on the national Australian team. Taylah is currently a 5x Australian Champion and a Commonwealth Games bronze medalist. Her goal is set on the Olympic Games for Tokyo 2020. Taylah is currently in Russia competing at the elite Women's World Championships.

Here is a sneak peek into Taylah's life...

I live in the Sunshine Coast Queensland and am usually trying to maintain my weight division for my sport, this means I am either cutting weight or eating clean to maintain it. I am very tall for my weight division so this doesn’t always happen easily for me, so my daily food intake can be quite strict.


I wake up and go to training, I don’t eat before as I like to do my first session fasted. This means I don’t feel bloated or heavy when I am doing a high intensity conditioning session. Depending on the day and what week of training I’m in it will be either sprints, interval runs, long distance or short distance timed runs or a conditioning circuit at 12RND Fitness. Most of my interval runs are timed to a boxing specific round so this is either a 3minute timer, or 800m sprints, and similarly what I love about 12RND is that their workouts are designed to mimic a championship boxing match with 12 x 3 minute rounds and 30 seconds rest between each.

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I will usually grab a coffee on my way home from training, When I’m cutting weight this will usually be a latte on almond milk. When I get home I will have either poached eggs on one slice of multigrain toast, or will have one cup of oats with honey and banana, and a Yopro yoghurt on the side. This is so that I’m having both protein and enough carbs to recover from my morning session.


I will have a tea and some berries right before my second session as I’m usually feeling quite hungry at this time of the day. My go to berries are strawberries and blueberries with an English breakfast tea.

GoodnessMe Box Taylah Robertson


My second session is strength work, this is 5x a week so Monday/Wednesday and Friday are all different forms of boxing specific strength circuits designed by an AIS strength coach and Tuesday/ Thursdays are heavy lifting loads. The circuits are designed with more body-weighted exercises at a higher intensity; we usually do lactic circuits once a week followed by 40/20 off and 20/40 circuits.


After strength I like to have a good 15-20minutes of stretching, I can tend to feel quite sore at this point (especially mid-week). I try to focus on the muscle groups that are the most sore and tender.


I usually have my lunch prepared already from the start of the week. I have turkey mince cooked up with brown onion and capsicum portioned out to 150-200grams. I then steam 2-4 sticks of broccolini and a handful of green beans. Then add a palm-size of my pre-cooked sweet potato which I make at the start of the week then freeze. This meal gives me light complex carbs (vegetables) and a small handful of a higher calorie carb. This fills me up more whilst allowing me to also cut weight. I use the turkey mince as it tastes good, especially when I add the brown onion and capsicum for a natural flavour, and it's a very lean meat.

GoodnessMe Box Taylah Robertson


I will usually go out and get an hour or so of sun, before I come back in for a small snack before my last session. I try to have some protein and carbs to fuel me for my boxing sessions. My normal go to will be boiled eggs because they are easy to make and filling, or rice cakes with honey because they are super light, good carb and the honey gives me that sweet fix that I usually crave. After this, for recovery, if I’m feeling fatigued or still tired I will have a 20-40minute nap, any longer and I wake up feeling groggy so I try to keep it short.


This is a boxing specific session, here I will either work on the bag/ do pads with my coach, work on technique and do all sorts of different forms of boxing drills, sparring and partner work drills. Some nights I also just enjoy going to my local 12RND Club which is around the corner from my house which usually saves me doing my big commute up to the boxing gym (1 hour) and I get a very similar session to what I would from a general boxing session up at my club gym. Also, because they have 'No Fixed Class Times' and the workouts are under 45 minutes, I can start my workout at a time that's flexible for me and my strict schedule, and also get a solid workout in a short space of time.


Dinner is usually nothing big or fancy, I’m 9/10 wrecked by this point of my day. I will normally just grab spring water tuna from the cupboard (90grams) microwave some white quinoa (1cup) then add either vegetables or a big mix salad, spinach, lettuce, kale, tomato, onion, capsicum. The more in the salad the more flavour. The salad and veggies usually take up half of my plate as it is the lightest way to fill myself up before bed and salad and veggies are so low in calories.
I always drink coffee and tea through my day also when I get peckish, as I am in a weight making sport I try not to eat any more than the above. So when I get hungry I rely on water/coffee and tea.

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