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10 Guilt-Free Chocolate Snacks

By GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine.

Have your chocolate and eat it too with these good-for-you chocolatey snacks.

Our Nutritionist Melissa Fine shares her favourite healthy alternatives to the highly processed commercial options out there. She’s even included one of her own wholefood recipes to curb that choccie craving, and trust us, it’s good!

Morlife - Dark Chocolate Coated Goji Berries or Blueberries


Unlike more commercial bite-sized chocolates, these babies are free from artificial colours and preservatives…no need for those when you’ve got naturally ruby red goji berries, and plump dried blueberries. The dark choc coating also means you’ll be getting twice the antioxidant hit. I like sprinkling a handful on top of fresh raspberries and blueberries, or to a DIY trail mix with dry-roasted almonds and pepitas.

Loving Earth Buckinis - Chocolate Clusters


Image @loving_earth

Not just for breakkie, this wholefood, gluten free take on granola makes the perfect trail mix. So that you don’t end up eating the whole box in one sitting, why not divide the buckinis into snack-sized portions? Throw a handful or two into a small container or jar, and pop it in your bag or desk draw…you’ll be sensibly sorted for the next snack attack!

Four Sigmatic - Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix


Image @avokween

If you’re going to have a hot chocolate, it might as well be good for you, right? I discovered this blend overseas a few years back, and it’s now popping up in the Aussie health food market, yay! You drink it like an espresso, and you can’t taste the reishi mushroom, but traditionally this active ingredient serves the purpose of helping you relax. Cinnamon and cardamom complement the cacao and give this bevvie a bit of a kick, and a teeny bit of coconut sugar and stevia provide sweetness without the blood sugar spike.

Blue Dinosaur Super Bite - Himalayan Choc


Image @bluedinosaurbars

We’re loving Blue Dinosaur’s newer snack-sized, portion-controlled range, which, like always with this brand, and unlike some other bars out there, is made entirely with real food ingredients. The Himalayan Chocolate Super Bite tastes crazily similar to an actual chocolate bar…something to do with the addition of creamy, chocolatey cacao butter – an ingredient we’ve never seen in a bar before. Himalayan rock salt also brings out the natural sweetness of the dates, and balances the richness of the cacao and coconut.

The Fit Foodie Protein Ball Mix - Chocolate and Chia


Image @grace_lauder

With clean ingredients like almond meal, pea protein and cacao, this protein ball blend sure beats those highly processed, commercial choccie protein bars. We like that it’s sweetened with sugar free ‘thaumatin’, a natural fruit protein that leaves no funny aftertaste. Simply hand-mix with a couple other ingredients, roll and set in the fridge. You’ll have your snacks sorted for the week, and won’t end up resorting to the vending machine for a king-sized choc.

Mayver’s - Cacao Super Spread


Image @tmtastes

A spoonful of this ‘pure-state’ spread, and choccie craving, be gone! This blend of dry-roasted nuts, cacao, chia and sesame is slightly sweetened with dates, providing a sustaining balance of good fats, protein, and fibre-rich carbohydrate. A healthy take on the sugary, vegetable oil-laden chocolate spread that a lot of us grew up on, I like this straight-up or as a dip; try it with strawberries or banana, yum!

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein - Rich Chocolate


Image @nuzest.aus

Add a scoop of this quality, GMO-free protein powder to your favourite milk, shake it up, and you’ve got a snack that tastes like a choc milkshake! Unlike a typical milkshake though, this will help stabilise your blood sugar and energy levels, keeping you going until your next meal.

kkao Co. - Chocolate Tea


Image @kkao_co

When you’re not actually hungry, but feel like a bit of choccie, try this loose-leaf tea. Unlike other ‘dessert teas’ that tend to disappoint, the natural cacao husk in here makes this next-level. I like mine with a dash of full cream milk…tastes like a never-ending piece of dark choccie, and you can even go back for seconds!

BSKT Vegan Superfood Bar – Cacao Ginger Nut


Image @bsktwholefoods

A chocolatey bar created with a more sophisticated, adult palate in mind, you’ll love this one if you like ingredients with a bit of a kick. Aussie ginger adds some zing, and nuts and dried fruit provide a good dose of blood sugar stabilising fibre. Cashews and pepitas also bump up the natural protein content. We like that this is more than just a snack bar; it’s your chocolate, and your protein bar!

Melissa’s Choc Peanut Butter ‘Mousse’

Next time you feel like whipping up something chocolatey but want it to be good for you, here’s my go-to wholefood snack: in a teacup, mix together 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter with half a teaspoon of rice malt, before mixing in two teaspoons of cocoa powder. For a thinner consistency, add a dash of any milk. Eat as is, or top with berries. Let me know if you try this, I reckon it’s a keeper!

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