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11 Ways You'll Up Your Health Game at Our Wholefood Markets

We can’t wait for you to explore our GoodnessMe Box Wholefood Markets on November 8th & 9th at The Grounds of Alexandria but above all, we want you to walk away feeling empowered to take control of your health head on.

To help you on your journey we have enlisted the most inspirational speakers we know. These familiar faces are doing crazy amazing things to show the world that healthy is easy, fun and oh so delicious.

So get ready to be inspired, here are 10 things you’re about to take away to boost your health!

1. Lee Holmes

Get the day started with Lee Holmes, Holistic Food and Nutrition coach and 6 x author of some of our all-time favourite reads including “Heal Your Gut”, “Eat Yourself Beautiful” and “Supercharged Food For Kids”.

Lee is going to show you how to Develop Good Eating Habits For Kids with Quick & Easy Cooking including her healthy Chicken Nuggets. That’s right, say goodbye McDonald’s! Stay the evening to find out Why Healing Your Gut Will Change Your Health For Life and discover Lee’s Turmeric Latte & Heal Your Gut Lassi.

2. Luke Hines

These days we hear so much about “eating clean” but to be honest, what does the phrase really mean? We all have our different versions of health and Luke Hines is back to explain What Does it Really Mean to Eat Clean? Top this off with his One Bowl Brownie cooking demo and Coconut Crumbed Prawns for the evening and that’s dessert and dinner covered (yes you can eat dessert before dinner).

3. Lyndi Cohen

Someone who has continued to astound us by simply keepin’ it real this year is Lyndi Cohen, a.k.a The Nude Nutritionist (and Dietician for that matter!). Lyndi has been on a very personal health journey and is here to tell you about Eating for Healthy Weight Loss, How I Lost 20kg. She’ll be sharing some of her favourite whole foods recipes and revealing how she lost 20kg by quitting diets and embracing real food.

4. Jessica Sepel

A relationship with food can be complicated which is why the amazing Jessica Sepel is back to talk about Emotional Eating & Healing Your Relationship with Food. She’ll also be revealing some tips and tricks to make her famous Broccoli Rice, Cauliflower Mash and Eggplant Bruschetta.

5. Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini has transformed the lives of so many and we couldn’t go past the opportunity to have her come along for a very special session to talk to you about Manifesting Your Dreams in Business & in Health. Reaching your goals is a balancing act but we want you to know that it is achievable!


6. Carla Oates

If there ever were a skin guru of the gods then it is the stunning Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef and author of the best selling book "Feeding Your Skin". Carla will be revealing her secrets on how to get Glowing Skin Through Healthy Eating_ and showing you her famous Glow Smoothie Bowl and Fermented Veggie recipe.

7. Jacqueline Alwill

Sometimes you meet people with that certain X-factor and we couldn’t speak more highly of nutritionist and wholefood cook Jacqueline Alwill who you may know as The Brown Paper Bag. Jacqueline will give you some Healthy & Easy Lunchbox Ideas for You & the Kids in the morning and in the evening dish the dirt on Seasonal Eating, How To Create Easy & Fresh Dishes.


8. Sally O'Neil

Our girl Sally O’Neil has certainly been on a health journey to build her successful blog The Fit Foodie and now her very own health food product Fit Mixes (#girlboss to the max). She is here to tell you Why You Should Love your Carbs - Debunking the Carb Myths with her Post Workout Smoothie & Sweet Potato Fritters recipe.

9. Therese Moussa

Now like us, we’re quite sure you will be swept away when you enter the amazing Grounds of Alexandria, which is why we have recruited their genius stylist behind the venue Therese Moussa to teach you How To Master Food Styling A picture says a thousand words and in this social media saturated world knowing how to take a good food image is a must!

10. Leah Itsines

And last but certainly not least the fun-loving PT, YouTube and Instagram sensation who is a ball of energy, Leah Itsines is flying all the way from Adelaide to tell you about Finding Your Balance, Why Moderation & Keepin' It Simple is Key. She’ll be sharing her signature Vegetarian Zucchini Bake & Thai Salad that will make healthy seem easy as pie.

11. Peta Shulman

Our Founder and Director Peta Shulman started GoodnessMe Box at age 25, just two years ago, after discovering she had an Autoimmune Condition. Peta will share with you how she battled symptoms for years, until finally managing to take control of her health and how it lead to taking a leap of faith and starting a healthy business.

And to top it off the incredible Alison Morgan, Health & Wellness Business Coach extrodinaire will be hosting the evening asking the speakers everything you are itching to know and more!


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