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11 Of The Best Savoury Snack Swaps To Make At The Supermarket 

By GMB Nutritionist, Melissa Fine
Not sure how to navigate the savoury snack aisle? We're here to fix that! Here are some of our favourite smart swaps. Making the switch has never been easier and you can find most of them (and more!) over on the GoodnessMe Shop!. Happy snacking!








SWAP 1: Bhuja for Pangkarra’s Roasted Chickpeas

    If you’re all about a crunchy snack, skip the deep-fried noodles and chips in your standard Bhuja snack mix and go for these wholesome, Aussie roasted legumes instead. They’re full of gut-loving, blood sugar-stabilising fibre, and are flavoured naturally with garlic and sea salt.

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    Swap 2: Mixed Nibbles for Ceres Organic Roasted Seaweed

    Those colourful, shiny, seaweed-y rice crackers you get from the supermarket are made with refined starches and sugar, along with a handful of artificial colours. Go for Ceres’ seaweed snacks instead for all the seaweed flavour minus the artificial ingredients (They also provide a healthy dose of iodine to support thyroid health).

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    Swap 3: Soya Crisps for Simply7 Lentil Chips

      Soya crisps might be moreish, but they’re made with a long list of ingredients, including highly processed wheat starch, soybean solids, and sugar. Next time a soya crisp craving hits, grab a bag of Simply7 Lentil Chips instead – they’re gluten free, have a short and sweet ingredient list, and the main ingredient is fibre-rich lentil flour.

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       Swap 4: Grain Waves for Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes

        While Grain Waves do contain grains (wheat, corn, and oats), they also contain ingredients like sugar, yeast extract, and milk powder – which you won’t find in Table of Plenty’s wholegrain, dairy free and gluten free popped Rice Cakes, seasoned with nothing but sea salt and rosemary. 

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        Swap 5: Pretzels for Dry-Roasted Nuts

        Rich in protein, fibre, and heart-healthy fats, dry-roasted nuts deliver the same crunch factor as pretzels – but without all the salt and refined carbohydrates. Roasting helps bring out the nuts’ natural flavours, without the need to add anything else. 

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        Swap 6: Veggie Chips for Pure Snacks Kale Chips

        Don’t let the name fool you; those veggie chips from the supermarket are deep-fried, typically high in refined starch, and contain added sugars. For some real vegetable goodness in chip form, go for a quality brand of kale chips like Pure Snacks’; made with Aussie-grown kale that’s slowly dehydrated to retain all the vitamins and minerals, these are the kind of chips that won’t cause a blood sugar spike and crash.

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        Swap 7: Sesame Snaps for Soul Seed Super Seed Snaps 

        Okay so sesame snaps are sweet and savoury…but they’re sweeter than you might realise, being 51% sugar. Go for Soul Seed Super Seed Snaps instead for just a touch of sweetness; the Spicy Sriracha flavour has half the amount of sugar as sesame snaps, and plenty of savoury goodness from a protein and fibre-rich seed medley (including buttery, omega-3 rich hemp seeds).

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        Swap 8: Potato Chips for Temole Almond Chips

        Proof that chips can be good for you, Temole’s almond and white-bean based chips are baked not fried, and nutrient-packed – giving you fibre, protein, and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. The Sea Salt and Barbecue varieties are our faves - shop them on the GoodnessMe Market

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        Swap 9: Corn Chips for Ceres Organic Chickpea Crisps

        Made with brown Jasmine rice and chickpeas, Ceres’ oven-baked bites of goodness are MSG-free, and full of fibre, protein, and flavour from ‘real food’ ingredients - black pepper and vibrant turmeric.

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        Swap 10: Microwave Popcorn for Messy Monkeys Popcorn

        Buttery microwave/movie popcorn is typically loaded with highly processed vegetable oils, and doesn’t contain real butter, but butter ‘flavour’. All the more reason to pick up some Messy Monkeys Lightly Salted Popcorn for your little one’s lunchbox, or your next Netflix sesh. It’s 100% natural, and we like the individually portioned bags so that you don’t go overboard.

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        Swap 11: White Rice Crackers for Ceres Organic Brown Rice Cakes

        Some commercial brands of white rice crackers contain unnecessary sugar, plus gluten-containing soy sauce. Ceres Brown Rice Cakes make a much cleaner and gluten free option; made with nothing but brown Jasmine rice, water, and sea salt, they make the perfect base for toppings like avo, nut butter, tuna or hard-boiled eggs.

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