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3 Non-Alcoholic Spritz Recipes

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

Drinking less, or not at all, is increasingly becoming a trend in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that almost 30% of Australians are saying no to alcohol entirely, and 9.5% are drinking less than they used to. Back in 2006, 73.5% of Aussies were regular drinkers; fast-forward to March 2020, and this number had dropped to 66.3%, according to a Roy Morgan analysis. 

With more and more Aussies saying bye to the booze, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage companies alike are crafting alcohol-free drinks that feel a little more special than a soda water and lime, and without all the sugar that comes in a mocktail. 

Seeing that there’s no time like autumn for a spritz, we’ve created these weeknight-friendly, alcohol-free spritz recipes and they’ve been going down a treat. Let us know if you give any of these a go; take a pic of your booze-free bevvie and tag us @goodnessmebox on Insta. 

English Garden Spritz

Your Pimm’s-style experience without the alcohol or next-day headache, you can whip up this bevvie with Naked Life’s English Garden Spritz. It’s sugar-free, infused with botanicals, AND in this month’s Health Box! 

Ingredients- Serves one 

½ a cup ice cubes 
1 x 250ml bottle Naked Life English Garden Non-Alcoholic Spritz
½ a Lebanese cucumber, sliced into thin rounds (keep the peel on for extra nutrients) 
Thumb-sized knob of fresh ginger, grated or finely sliced 


1. Place the ice cubes, cucumber and ginger in a tall glass.
2. Top with the Naked Life’s Spritz, give everything a stir, and yeah, that’s it. 


    Chardon-nay Spritz

    Featured in this month’s Health Box, you can say yay to chardonnay again with this easy spritz that feels a bit fancy. 

    Ingredients- Serves two  

    1 cup ice cubes 
    200ml Edenvale Alcohol Removed Chardonnay 
    200ml tonic water (or soda water for sugar-free) 
    A generous handful of whatever fruit you have on hand (we like this with raspberries or sliced strawberries) 


    1. Divide the ice cubes between two large wine glasses or tumblers.
    2. Pour equal amounts of the ‘Chardonnay’ and tonic or soda water into each glass before topping each one with fruit. 


      No Way Rosé Spritz 

      Complete with bittersweet grapefruit, this one’s for all the aperol fans. 

      Ingredients- Serves two  

      1 cup ice cubes 
      200ml Edenvale Alcohol Removed Sparkling Rosé 
      200ml soda water 
      Juice of half a grapefruit or orange 
      Grapefruit or orange rind for garnish 


      1. Divide the ice cubes between two large wine glasses or tumblers. Pour equal amounts of the alcohol-free ‘Rosé’ and soda water into each glass, followed by the freshly-squeezed juice.
      2. Give everything a stir. Add your garnish. Enjoy! 


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