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5 Minutes With The Nude Nutritionist

Affectionately known as the Nude Nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador who knows there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. After years of struggling with her own weight, Lyndi knows first hand that cutting out whole food groups, counting calories or following restrictive meal plans doesn’t work. Now she is on a mission to promote balanced eating, wholefoods and cooking skills. Through her regular TV appearances on Channel 9, media appearances, blog posts and social media channels, Lyndi shares the message with tens of thousands of Australian’s every day that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or too hard for us all to achieve. For recipe inspiration and tips, follow Lyndi’s healthy eating adventures on Instagram at @nude_nutritionist.

1. What food can you not live without?  Fresh garlic. The smell of garlic makes me feel at home. The fact that it is shown to be beneficial for heart health, amongst other things is just an added bonus for me.

2. Favourite food joint?  My favourite local food spot is called Poke in Coogee. They serve up deliciously healthy Japanese-Hawaiian fusion food.

3. Your go-to breakfast?  Greek Yoghurt with seeds (pepitas, sunflower seeds and linseeds) with a drizzle of honey.

4. First thing you do when you wake in the morning?  Go for a walk to the beach and grab a juice with my husband.

5. Fill in the blank. I put _________ on/with all my food.  Admittedly, I add salt on almost every savoury dish I eat! Luckily, I don’t eat much processed food (which is where a lot of sodium is hiding) so I feel comfortable adding salt to flavour my home cooked food.

6. Its date night. Your perfect restaurant would be?  My ideal date is a picnic under the stars! I’m a sucker for rolling out the picnic rug and digging into a home-cooked fresh feed.

7. You have a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. You must be guided by your stomach. Where would you go and why?  Somewhere exotic in the middle-east like Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey or Israel. My favourite foods include hummus, haloumi, falafel, shakshuka and pickles.

8. Your favourite food memory is of...  Our weekly Friday night dinners spent eating together as a family. Food is best when it’s shared with the people you love. 

9. Three health goals for this year?

  1. Use my phone less. I’m guilty of aimlessly scrolling social media and checking emails, which makes me feel anxious.
  2. Exercising for enjoyment only. After years of using exercise as punishment for eating, I’m now only allowing myself to do physical activity that feels fun to me (like salsa dancing, swimming, walking).
  3. Eating more vegetables. It’s easy to always focus on what to cut out of our diets but I believe in crowding out the less healthy food with plenty of vegetable goodness. Recent stats from ABS show that only 2% of men and about 4% of women meet the veggie intake guidelines of five-to-six serves a day. I’m working to make sure I hit my target every day. It’s tough!

10. Sweet or Savoury?  Sweet – x 1,000,000

11. You are known for your ________ recipes?  Colourful and seasonal salad

12. Fill in the blank. I may be full but if you put ___________ in front of me I will eat it any day.  Chocolate! Or nutella…

13. Favourite food quote?  When it comes to food, 'extremes are easy, strive for balance’ and ‘good food is good mood’.

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