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5 Tips For Cooking With Coconut Oil

Five fun ways to use this versatile, aromatic oil.
By Nutritionist and Health Editor Melissa Fine.

1) On your stir-fry – Not only will a spray of coconut oil in your pan create the perfect non-stick surface, it will also enhance the flavour of whatever you’re cooking. When I stir-fry, I’ll add a generous spray of coconut oil (From the health food store – Look for brands like Cocolife’s Virgin Coconut Oil Spray), a drizzle of tamari and some chopped fresh ginger to my tofu and veg; So simple and yum! No need to add anything else with coconut oil on hand – It’s rich, slightly sweet and slightly nutty. Another upside of cooking with coconut oil is its high smoke point, meaning that unlike most cooking oils, its structure doesn’t alter when heated, so it’s nutritional value - including it’s good-for-you medium-chain fatty acids (these tend to be used up, rather than stored as energy)- is retained.

2) On your eggs – Jazz up your everyday fried or scrambled eggs by cooking them with a spray of coconut oil and a sprinkle of chilli flakes.

3) Or on your pancakes… How about this Paleo Chocolate Pancake recipe, courtesy of Cocolife HQ (source: cocolifeaust.com.au):


  • 1 banana
  • 1 C oats
  • 1 egg
  • 1 C coconut water
  • ½ C chocolate protein powder
  • 1 TBS Cocolife Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, or the equivalent from Cocolife’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Spray


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth.
  2. Heat up a saucepan and spray it with Cocolife's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.
  3. Pour liquid mixture onto pan until a circle forms based on desired pancake size.
  4. Flip when holes appear in pancakes.
  5. Delicious either straight-up, topped with natural yoghurt or nut butter, or with a drizzle of Cocolife’s Choc Ganache – Simply mix a generous spray of Cocolife’s spray oil (about a tsp-worth) with 1 tsp manuka honey/rice malt syrup, sprinkle Himalayan Rock Salt and 2 tsp raw cacao)

4) On your salad – Why not use Cocolife’s Virgin Coconut Oil spray as a natural, no-mess dressing? A much healthier alternative to bottled salad dressings, often full of cheap nasties like vegetable (seed) oils and refined sugar. Plus, the healthy fat content in coconut oil will makes your salad more satisfying, thanks to its well-rounded mouth feel that lingers even after you’ve finished your meal.

5) On your skin – Yep, your coconut oil can double as a moisturiser, or even an edible lip balm. For a no-fuss, easy-to-apply moisturiser, try a virgin coconut oil spray, like Cocolife’s. Unlike so many commercial skincare products, there’s nothing artificial in this beauty ‘product’ – You’ll smell delicious, too!

Tired of melting your coconut oil? Cocolife’s Virgin Coconut Oil is now conveniently available in spray form. It will bring flavour and excitement to your cooking, baking and barbequing. Cocolife’s Virgin Coconut Spray Cans comprises of gluten free, natural, superior quality virgin coconut oil and food grade gas – chemical free and no nasties added. Available from good health food stores. Website | Instagram

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