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5 Wholefood Swaps for Your Fave Aussie Foods

By GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor, Melissa Fine 

The Australian health food scene just gets better and better. From yeast-free ‘Vegemite’ to a gluten-free spin on a lamington, these are the products we turn to when we’re after an Aussie food fix. There’s something for every dietary requirement here. 

Swap a Lamingtons with a Tasti or Super Cubes Lamington Bar 

Brought together with ingredients like organic coconut and super dark chocolate, nip that lamington craving in the bud with this wholefood bar reminiscent of the classic Aussie dessert. We rate the below 2 so much, we’ve popped them in this month’s Health Box for you. 


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Swap Vegemite with Everymite 

Is there anything more Aussie than Vegemite on toast? If you can’t go a day without this savoury spread but are looking for a more natural option, meet Everymite: made with nutrient-dense black sesame seeds, coconut aminos and apple cider vinegar, it looks and tastes a lot like Vegemite, but without the artificial colour and flavours. 

A touch sweeter and more astringent than the classic Australian spread, Everymite works a treat not just on buttered or avocado toast but also in salad dressings; simply whisk a spoonful with a good glug of olive or macadamia oil for a vitamin and drizzle over a green salad. 

Swap a Caramello Koala with a Banjo Bear 

The brainchild of The Carob Kitchen, the Banjo Bear has become a lunchbox favourite around Australia. Unlike the glucose syrup-laden chocolate of our childhood, Banjo is made with unrefined, wholesome ingredients like creamy cocoa butter and organically grown, naturally sweet carob. There’s even a vegan variety for the plant-based and lactose-intolerant peeps. 

Swap Beer with an Ice-Cold Kombucha 

With more and more Aussies giving up alcohol (or at least cutting back on it), a bottle of booch makes the perfect booze-free tipple when you feel like kicking back with something more exciting than soda water. A ‘beverage with benefits’, you’ll be giving your gut a good dose of probiotics with every swig, too. 


Swap a Snag On the Barbie with a Plantasy Pattie 

Made with real ingredients you can pronounce, Plantasy’s Protein Patty Mix is one of the few plant-based meat alternatives on the market that gets our tick of approval. And unlike a snag, a Plantasy Patty is free from nitrites and other nasty preservatives, and packed with ingredients that will do your health some good - like fibre-rich lupin (a legume), and omega-3-rich hemp, golden flaxseed, and chia seeds. 















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