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6 Reasons You’ll Love Our Wholefood Markets

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be hosting our third and most unforgettable GoodnessMe Box Wholefood Markets! It is going to be two whole days jam-packed with the most delightful wholesome treats, cooking demos from Australia’s hottest health personalities as well as like-minded people with a desire for a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness revolution here we come! But first, here’s a sneak peak into our last event and a taste of what is to come. We wanted to give you 6 reasons our next event is going to knock your socks off!

  1. As you enter The Grounds of Alexandria be wowed by the enchanting surroundings. Take a minute to smell the air as the aromas of the market leave your senses excited about what is to come.

2. First stop - the market stalls. With over 30 exclusive stores there’s bound to be something that will tantalise your inner health foodie. From nut butters, to coconut ice cream, paleo bread, vegan chocolate, spices and healthy baking mixes, we guarantee it will be a delicious guilt-free taste adventure.


And did someone say chocolate fountain?

3. Once you have lined your stomachs with market stall treats and filled your bags with the newest health food bargains, head over to “The Atrium” to hear our influential guest speakers. Here you will hear about an array of topics about healthy weight loss, gut health, glowing skin, eating more carbs, healing your relationship with food to easy & nourishing cooking for kids, and watch cooking demos that will reiterate that a healthy lifestyle is indeed achievable. You will go home feeling empowered with some fresh cooking ideas that will not only impress your friends but even your kids!

4. So you have hit the stalls and your mind is swimming with new wellness information… all those cooking demos have made you hungry again! It is time to sit back and enjoy the delectable food choices that The Grounds has on offer, a health inspired BBQ and a nutritious juice bar, or sit back at the Café or The Potting Shed for a meal. Perhaps the evening has set in and you feel like something to unwind, in which case organic wine is on offer!
5. Find your self a place to sit amongst this wholesome sanctuary. Whether it be under the fairy-light lit archway or amongst the well kept gardens. Enjoy some peace whilst the kids pet the premise’ farm animals.
6. Once you have done all this, it is home time, or perhaps even time to explore the other things that the suburb of Alexandria has on offer. But not before being handed an exciting mini GoodnessMe Box with a smile for you to take home and enjoy...that is if you can wait until home to explore the contents! I know we can’t!
See you at the markets! Tickets are on sale now here for $35 and strictly limited.

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