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6 Teas the GMB team Can't Get Enough Of

We are big tea fans at GMB HQ. We love that apart from tasting awesome, they also happen to be good for you. Our Nutritionist Melissa Fine Here shares our go-to teas and why they’re worth trying.

Kara – Green

Kara is known for having a green tea mid-morning and arvo in the GMB office and she’s onto a good thing - The perfect pick-me-up for an energy slump, the L-theanine in green tea can help you feel more switched on. And it can help you relax – handy if you’re on a deadline. Green tea is also full of ‘catechins’, health-promoting antioxidant-rich plant compounds from the fresh leaves of Camellia sinesis plant.

Drink it when: You want an energy boost, but know that coffee will leave you feeling too wired. Green tea contains caffeine but significantly less than coffee. It’s also a much healthier alternative to highly processed colas and energy drinks.

Emma – White Tea

Or even better, White Tea Strawberry from Higher Living, Emma’s latest discovery. A light and delicate white tea combined with strawberries for a fruity burst, this makes the perfect summer beverage. What exactly is white tea? Like black and green tea, white tea is made with the Camellia sinensis plant, however white tea is the least processed (green and black teas are fermented, white tea is not). White tea is also harvested younger. Click Here To Buy Higher Living White Tea Strawberry.

Drink it if: You don’t love the astringent taste of green tea; Much smoother in flavour and slightly sweet, white tea boasts the same antioxidants as green tea, and potentially in higher amounts as it’s less processed.

Vanessa – Genmaicha aka ‘Popcorn Tea’

A traditional Japanese tea, genmaicha combines steamed green tea with roasted brown rice. Some of the rice grains pop while roasting, resembling popcorn. Genmaicha’s flavour is a mix of grassy and refreshing from the green tea, and toasted, earthy and nutty from the brown rice.

Drink it when: It’s cold and rainy. Genmaicha’s soothing, mellow flavour is comfort in a cup. It also tends to be lower in caffeine than your typical green tea so makes good nightcap.

Elli - Dandelion Chai

Roasted dandelion root tea tastes surprisingly similar to coffee, so makes a great coffee substitute if you’re trying to cut down on your cappuccinos. And while coffee can be acidic and a gastric irritant, dandelion tea is actually good for your gut. Try it black or with a dash of milk and a little honey. Or, Elli-style, paired with spices like cinnamon to give it a kick and sweetness without the sugar.

Drink it when: You’re feeling bloated. Traditionally, dandelion tea is used as a mild diuretic to reduce fluid retention, and due to its bitterness, to stimulate digestion.

Melissa – Ginger

A warming tonic, I love a cup of soothing ginger tea with a little honey and fresh lemon – it tastes even better when you have a sore throat.

Drink it when: You have an upset stomach. Ginger can help to alleviate nausea and so is also a good tea to take with you on a flight or boat trip.

Peta – Cacao, Licorice and Chilli

I always drink this one at Pete’s place! A cup of this is like a never-ending piece of dark chilli chocolate.

Drink it when: You can’t curb a sweet craving. The bittersweet cacao paired with super-sweet tasting licorice (which believe it or not is sugar free) should leave you feeling satisfied; the chilli can give your metabolism a bit of a kick, too.

Let us know in the comments below what tea you find yourself regularly sipping on.

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