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8 Healthy Quinoa Products

By GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine.

Before you say, “Quinoa shnimnah”, hear us out: quinoa doesn’t have to taste bland, bitter or gluggy.

Quinoa can actually taste pretty awesome, and these products prove it! Whether you’re gluten free or a health foodie (or just a foodie!), here are our favourite quinoa products at GMB – we like them not just because they’re wholesome and tummy-friendly, but because they’re tasty, too!

You’ll find these products at selective supermarkets and health food stores, or online.

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs

This is quinoa, but not as you know it! I Heart Keenwah’s gluten free Quinoa Puffs come in flavours like Sea Salt Truffle and Aged Cheddar; they’re light and airy, but full of flavour, thanks to real ingredients like sea salt, parsley, and even dried truffle! We also like that the base ingredients are ones we actually recognise and that we’d keep in our pantry - like quinoa flour and brown rice flour - no funny soy ingredients here. These should come with a warning though: highly addictive! Luckily they’re good for you ;)

Olive Green Organics Quinoa & Rice Spaghetti

This is my go-to gluten free pasta brand – even non-gluten free peeps will happily slurp this spaghetti down! While some gluten free pastas do not taste like legit pasta at all (no one wants to eat pasta that tastes like mushy rice or corn), Olive Green’s Quinoa & Rice Spaghetti tastes pretty close to the real thing…it just takes a little longer to reach al dente. Works a treat with freshly made pesto and rocket stirred through. If you prefer your pasta bite sized, the penne in this variety is great too.

Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Chocolate

Dark chocolate and quinoa…who would’ve thought?! If you’ve tried Alter Eco’s chocolate range before, you’ll know that they know what they’re doing! Turns out quinoa-rice crisps and artisanal dark chocolate are a match made in heaven, reminiscent of a commercial confectionary chocolate (rhymes with lunch) that many of us grew up eating. We also like that cacao beans, rather than sugar, are the first, i.e., the main ingredient in this choccie block…so you can treat yourself the healthier way!

Farmer Jo Honey Granola with Quinoa, Whole Almonds & Pistachios

Popping up on more and more supermarket and health food store shelves, there’s no need to go out for café-quality muesli when you can now take it home. Props to Farmer Jo for the short and sweet list of real food ingredients in this blend, like organic puffed quinoa and brown rice, cinnamon and macadamia oil. Note that the base in this blend is Australian wholegrain oats, so this isn’t gluten free – but it is good for you! Try it sprinkled on a smoothie bowl.

Morlife Quinoa Risotto

Skip the frozen meal and keep a couple packets of Morlife’s ready-to-go Quinoa Risotto in the pantry instead. Available in four mouthwatering flavours – like Thai Green Curry and Mediterranean Tomato & Herb - it takes max 20 minutes to make, and the only other ingredient you need to boil this baby up is extra virgin olive oil. Thank you Morlife for making midweek dinner so much easier!

Lotus Foods Puffed Quinoa

Literally the only ingredient in here is Organic Puffed Quinoa Grain, which has a good amount of crunch and chew, with a subtle nutty flavour. Perfect for adding to bliss balls, homemade muesli, or DIY granola bars.

Brookfarm Gluten Free Porrij

Like a warm hug for your belly. Of all the gluten free porridge varieties we’ve tried, this is the only one that doesn’t taste like glue! Brookfarm has figured out the perfect ratio of gluten free grains - like brown rice, organic millet and quinoa - to get this tasting surprisingly similar to gluten-containing creamy oat porridge. Buttery and subtly sweet macadamias also lend a hand in the flavour and consistency, removing the need for sugar.

Mary’s Gone Crackers Superseed Classic Crackers

The most virtuous cracker there ever was, we’ve lost count of all the different organic seeds packed into these babies – from quinoa and pumpkin seeds, to sesame seeds, flaxseeds and even poppy seeds, which make for one satisfying cracker! A much more satiating option than airy white rice crackers, the good fats, fibre and protein in Mary’s will tide you over between main meals…they’re also great on a cheese plate!

Do you have any other fave foods which have quinoa snuck into them? Please share in the Comments!

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