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9 Healthy Ice-Cream Swaps That'll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

By Melissa Fine

I scream, you scream, we all scream for dairy free/gluten free/wholefood ice cream! Summer isn’t summer without a frozen dessert, so we’ve rounded up our favourite ice cream alternatives for every dietary requirement. Keep your eyes peeled for these at the supermarket or health food store, or make one of our DIY ice cream alternative recipes featured at the bottom of this post.

Swap a Zuper Duper for a: Sugar Free-zie Icy Stick

The No Nasties Icicle Project’s innovative Icy Sticks come in all natural flavours like Strawberry and Watermelon, and are sweetened with a blend of stevia, erythritol, and maltitol – plant-derived sugar free sweeteners. Sugar Free-zies truly contain zero sugar, compared to over 11g of sugar (that’s more than two teaspoons’ worth) in a Zuper Duper.

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Swap an Icy Pole for a: Smooze Fruit Ice

While Icy Poles are mostly sugar water, Smooze Fruit Ices will get some vitamins into little ones because they’re made with a fruit juice base. We’re all about the Pink Guava & Coconut flavour (not just for kids!).

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Swap a Maxibon for a: YUMBAR

Handmade with love in Byron Bay, sink your teeth into the cleanest ice cream bar there ever was. Think coconut ice cream (sweetened with a touch of maple syrup), sandwiched between two raw nut and date-based biccies. They’re a little hard to find, so check out YUMBAR’s website for a stockist near you, and feast your eyes on all the flavours (there’s everything from classic Vanilla and Chocolate, through to Coffee, Raspberry and Cream, and Blueberry Cheesecake).

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Swap Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate Ice Cream for: Pana Double Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream

If choccie ice cream is your vice but the dairy doesn’t agree with you, Pana Organic’s heavenly creation will be a godsend. Made with 70% coconut milk and cacao, and studded with dark chocolate pieces, it’s impressively low in sugar - with only 6.4g of unrefined sugar per 60g serve (that’s less than two teaspoons), and 10.6g of sugar per 100g (compared to 21.2g of sugar per 100g in Sara Lee’s choc ice cream). Pana is also soy free for anyone who’s soy intolerant (dairy free products often still contain soy).

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Swap Connoisseur Classic Vanilla Ice Cream for: COYO Simply Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice

Boosted with prebiotics to support healthy gut flora, COYO is redefining dessert with its plant-based ice cream alternatives. We love the short and sweet wholefood ingredient list and that it’s refined sugar free. Kosher, too.

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Swap a Paddle Pop for a: Proud & Punch Choc Banana Smoothie Pop

Whether you’re on a lactose free, dairy free, or vegan diet, this plant-based Proud & Punch pop makes the perfect alternative to a good old (but dairy-based) Paddle Pop. Made with Queensland bananas, almond milk, and cocoa, it’s also gluten free and has no artificial colours or flavours.

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Swap Häagen-dazs Salted Caramel Ice Cream for: Cocofrio Caramel, Honey & Macadamia Frozen Dessert

Not only is Cocofrio’s ice cream alternative dairy free (it’s made with a creamy coconut milk base), it’s certified low FODMAP! Häagen-dazs caramel ice cream also contains 9g more sugar per 100g serving than Cocofrio, which is also refined sugar free.

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Swap Weiss Sorbet: for Homemade Nice Cream

Water and sugar are the main ingredients in Weiss’ Summer Berry Sorbet. For a no-added-sugar summer treat, why not make your own sorbet with nothing but fresh fruit? Simply blend two frozen bananas (peel and slice before freezing) with a cup of diced frozen mango or berries, divide into two or three dessert bowls, and eat!

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Swap a Frosty Fruit Ice Block for: Frozen Grapes

If you haven’t tried frozen grapes before, you’re in for a treat – and one that’s free from the refined sugar and numbered ingredients found in a nostalgic Frosty Fruit. Simply pop your favourite kind of grapes in a container and freeze for at least six hours. Pop in your mouth straight from the freezer for a creamy, icy, naturally sweet dessert.

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Main feature image: Pana Chocolate (@pana_organic)

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