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Are black superfoods the next health food craze?

When it comes to health and wellbeing, there’s no doubt that green is good. But today, we want to shine the spotlight on another superfood family: black fruits, veggies and grains. When we discovered Jimmy Blacks Black Bean Powder, we couldn't help but to explore the benefits of 'black' foods.

Thanks to their dark pigment, black foods are rich in vitamins and minerals while being higher in antioxidants and anthocyanins. These are some of our top black superfoods.

Black rice

Like brown rice, black rice boasts a ton of health benefits. It contains anthocyanins, the compound that gives dark food its colour with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Black rice is also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamins B and E, making it a serious superfood that boosts immunity while fighting free radicals.

Black garlic

A staple in Eastern medicine and cooking for centuries, black garlic has slowly but surely made its way onto Western markets over the past few years – and it’s a great thing. Made by fermenting raw garlic, the resulting black cloves are packed with probiotics to improve digestion, gut health and immunity. Black garlic still holds onto the health benefits of regular garlic: it helps to detoxify the body, boost heart health and balance blood pressure.


Bored of blueberries? Add some blackberries to your diet. Like their blue cousins, they’re loaded with anthocyanin and polyphenols, antioxidants that aid brain function, mood and memory while enhancing skin’s glow. Blackberries are also high in fibre and quite sweet, so eat up!

Chia seeds

The Aztecs were definitely onto something when they ate chia seeds before going into battle. The tiny seeds are full of protein, dietary fibre, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, which work together to lift energy levels, combat inflammation, and keep the mind clear and sharp. Black chia seeds are super versatile: throw them into smoothies, salads, soups and puddings, or use them to ‘crumb’ meat and fish (instead of bread).

Black sesame

Used extensively in Ayurveda, the dark sesame seed is a great source of calcium and magnesium. Thanks to these nutrients, it assists with strengthening bones, balancing blood pressure and preventing constipation.

Black beans

Often used in Latin American cuisine, black beans are as nutritious as they are delicious. They’re high in fibre, which keeps the colon healthy and makes digestion a smoother ride. Their dark skins are also full of bioflavonoids – plant-based nutrients that give the body a hit of antioxidants while helping to protect it from cancer. To get your fix, we recommend Jimmy Blacks Organic Black Bean Powder. In delivering the nutrients and benefits of black beans straight to your body, the 100 per cent natural powder helps to repair muscles, elevate energy, improve mental clarity and concentration, detox the liver and restore the nervous system. It’s also low-GI, so it’ll release energy throughout the day to keep you on top of your game.

Speaking of black superfoods in the legume family, black lentils also deserve a mention: they’re bursting with iron (one cup has almost half the daily requirement for women), as well as soluble fibre.

Have you tried these black superfoods? Did you know about their health benefits?

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