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The Best Dairy Alternatives

Ditching Dairy? 4 Dairy Substitutes that Won’t Have You Feeling Like You’re Missing Out
Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or just not good with dairy, make going dairy free (or even just cutting down on the stuff) less daunting with these tried and tested swaps. You might even end up preferring some of these to the real thing. By Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor Melissa Fine.

1) Swap Cow’s Milk for Nut Milk

If you’re lactose intolerant, you might be fine with a dash of milk in your tea, but a whole cup’s worth in a latte may put you over your tolerance threshold.

Nut milks like almond milk can be a good cow’s milk substitute, now offered at more and more coffee shops due to increased demand. Creamy and nutty, almond milk froths up nicely in a coffee, and as long as it’s not overheated, shouldn’t split or curdle. Consumers also seem to be increasingly choosing it over soy for several reasons (including that soy can be difficult to digest, and some soy milks can be made with genetically modified soy or highly processed soy protein isolate, instead of whole soy beans).

At home I like to use macadamia milk; Suncoast Gold does a delicious unsweetened one. A little sweeter and richer than almond milk, it’s my go to milk for porridge and smoothies.

What about rice milk?

There’s nothing wrong with a little rice milk now and then (it’s delicious!), but I don’t have it everyday. Because it’s derived from a carbohydrate, it’s much higher in sugar (so tastes super sweet) and lacks the protein and good fat content that nut milks offer. It’s also thinner in consistency so won’t make whatever you’re having nice and creamy like nut milks will.

2) Swap Parmesan Cheese for Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Say what? Cheesy, savoury and deep yellow in colour, nutritional yeast flakes are grown on the molasses of beet and cane before being dehydrated. The result is a perfect parmesan or low sodium salt substitute; Try sprinkling some over your salad, soup or pasta. It’s also delicious on avocado toast.

Rich in B vitamins too, particularly B12; Worth noting if you’re vegan or vegetarian, as animal protein is the primary dietary source of B12.

3) Swap Yoghurt for: Coconut yoghurt

Available from health food stores, coconut yoghurt is thick and creamy and cultured with good bacteria. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but because it’s super rich and tasty from the healthy fat content, a little bit goes a long way.

Coconut yoghurt typically tastes sweet (most varieties contain stevia, a sugar free plant-derived sweetener), but you can add a squeeze of lemon juice and then it’s perfect for savoury dishes too.

4) Swap Ice Cream for Banana ‘Ice Cream’

And you have an unprocessed, wholefood dessert that tastes like the real thing...not just saying! The trick is to use super ripe bananas for an extra sweet and creamy result.

For two serves, you’ll need two medium-large bananas; Peel, slice and freeze. Once frozen, blend the banana slices until smooth. Pour into two teacups and eat! Or, take this to the next level and add one or two of the following along with the banana to the blender: 2 tsp natural peanut or almond butter; 2 tsp shredded coconut; pinch of cinnamon or vanilla powder; a handful chopped macadamias or a splash of macadamia milk to make it extra nutty and creamy. Yum!

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